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  1. Do we need to include the home and away kits in any capacity--even something as simple as how Wikipedia displays kits on a team page? It'd be more as a reference to the voter. EDIT: I realize that would be a lot to do for a submission, but also thought it might be worth a look at the home and away.
  2. Logged in for the first time in ~2 years just for Logolympiad. G = 8 S = 5 B = 7
  3. "...the Cubs set with light blue." -- Completely agree. I'd give that a try.
  4. Clearly, I am still the only one who prefers the narrower A. And yeah, I've seen the pencil since the beginning, actually. But flattening the bottom of the crossbar of the A helped remove some of that. At least to me. For #3, any thoughts on adding "ARSL or "APEX" in the green space?
  5. Revisions. 1 - Same stroke weights 2 & 3 - within a shield, same stroke weights I'm still leaning toward more of an A (2 in the revision, 1 in the original post). There's almost too much green/white space in the other A.
  6. You know, I don't think I tried a shield on this A design. Had plenty of shield concepts, just not with this. I'll give it a shot. Thanks.
  7. I was just looking at this again, and noticed that the secondary shield for Chicago is already within the primary. Very nicely done. I do have to ask, though, what is the 't' in blacktop signifying? Roots?
  8. Kind of what I was thinking. Although I haven't tried this yet, I envision losing a bit of the A. But I'll see how it looks. Thanks.
  9. The prospect of Disney fully owning and operating a soccer team frightens me to no end. They'd probably have a different kit every game, each being designed after a Disney prince or something; might as well be wearing costumes. That said, your approach and kits look good, especially the away. For Capitol Hill, I think you could get away with just the outline of the Capitol Building. That shape is pretty distinct, plus, getting rid of the interior design/columns would allow the DC stripes and stars to stand out more. Charleston looks great. Chesapeake is a little busy for my tastes. Neptune on the away kit doesn't work for me. Maybe try just a trident.
  10. If you'd like to keep the jerseys distinct, you might consider raglan sleeves. Or perhaps a cap sleeve. Otherwise, I'm digging the logo and jersey designs so far.
  11. I'm not sure what this says about me and my opinions on this forum, but, apparently, I may be the only person who prefers this Coyotes roundel to anything they've had before.
  12. These are good (Boston and AZ, especially, in that order), but there are a few things to note: The team crest would be a bit smaller and a little higher on the chest, about halfway between the collarbone and nipple. This would allow for the sponsor logo to move up even more. All the socks are the same. If nothing else, you could add the team's classic striping at the cuff or in the middle of the shin. The shorts are all monochromatic, too. Not that soccer shorts ever get much more creative than vertical stripes on the hips, but I think it could help differentiate some of your kits.
  13. ^ This has been my dilemma. Not sure which to go with. My initial thoughts were 1 so it's less about the mountain and more about the name. Most feedback seems to lean toward 2, however. For instance... ^ My biggest issue with 2 is I cannot unsee a steering wheel (especially when B&W). ^ Thinner, eh? Fair enough. But, when you mention rounding the other corners, what do you mean, exactly? The only parts not rounded in 2 are where the A meets the circle. Two additional questions for any and all: Does the logo need to have more "soccer " to it? One other concept I had was the A/mountain in a pentagon, representing a soccer ball patch (its quite asymmetrical, though).
  14. My one-time bump... anything?
  15. Good gravy, I'm way behind on this, but given it just got bumped, here I am. Just about everything looks good (my god, that clash kit for San Francisco City!!) The only thing that throws me is the Chanticleers logo. I can see what it supposed to be, but it's just not coming across. Maybe it's a little too jagged/abstract...? Actually---ugh, forgive me for this, but I can't unsee it now---I'm seeing a logo for retro packages of chicken.
  16. Forgive what is a double post, but the General Design forum doesn’t seem to be running rampant with active users. These are at least concepts for a real-life soccer league, so I’m hoping this is considered a legit post. Anyway, I'm in the throes of creating an adult rec soccer league in my area--the Rocky Mountains. I'm calling it Apex Rec Soccer League, drawing on both the noun and the verb form of the word "apex." I've narrowed down about 20 ideas to these two, both of which are shown in color and B&W. I have my thoughts on which is better and why I designed the way I did; typesetting will be completed when I finalize the logo itself. I'll hold off on my own thoughts until there is initial feedback. Thanks in advance for any ideas/praise/critiques.
  17. It can't be stolen. The colors are different. -- High school, probably.
  18. I've never really liked the cream/sand looks, so that Arizona away uniform is not my favorite. The home, though, I really like.
  19. It's all a good start, but here are the things that jumped out at me: Badge: The line weight of the Arch should be thinner at its apex. The overall width of the Arch shape also should be wider at its base. It's too uniform right now. This should help balance the line weights on the badge itself and on the FDL. Colors: Although you mention the arena mockups are not yours, that's still a lot of yellow in the stadium to be such a relative afterthought on the kits. Even making the secondary kit yellow would help out with the balance.
  20. Wow. These are great. Favorites: Jags, Jets, Bucs, Bengals, Chargers and Bears (but I'd rather see the GSH on the sleeve). Least: Washington (looks more like an ugly Christmas sweater); Cardinals (no need for two Cardinals on the jersey)
  21. jdp

    ACC Soccer Kits

    My god, these are so good. Few things, though: FSU - I think the number on the clash needs to stand out a little more. Miami - I don't really understand the sash on the away and the number gets a little lost there, too. Syracuse - I'm not sold on the gradients. Maybe the background color being so similar to the gradients is messing with my eyes, though. I know that the point, but this one is playing tricks on me, I guess.
  22. jdp

    MLS Kit Concepts

    I actually love the Fire kit. But that is a good point about the white strip.
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