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  1. So not only did whoever did this decide to do an incredibly petty and lame joke, they also managed to completely mess up said joke by not spelling the name correctly.
  2. Well, why ask us when Consol can tell you themselves via the backpage of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette?
  3. [discovering the hard way that image copying from an ipad doesn't work. screaming]
  4. If the Steelers lose this game I will bicycle from Pittsburgh to the West Virginia border and back.
  5. I'm not quite sure about that. The ECHL tried for years to get an ownership group to either expand or relocate the Reno for literally decades ever since they merged with the WHL, and was never even able to get its foot in the door in even getting an arena built.
  6. The best thing about this game is the first six words of my cable listing description
  7. You know when I heard that Oregon was going to have a uniform based on "actual ducks" I kind of got my hopes up that I'd see something outrageous, like maybe a helmet designed to look like a duck's head or something. Instead we got a boring jersey that looks like it was a discarded concept for the University of Miami.
  8. Sweet Jesus, Louisville's going all Andrew Jackson on FSU
  9. It's been 16 years but it's still just as true as ever, baby!
  10. Everyone's gonna be thinking it, so I'm just gonna say it. The Mastercard logo makes it look like a nude man standing spread eagle.
  11. Grantland was one of the few of these "all-around with focus on sports" kind of websites that I actually frequented, mostly because I liked the guy that wrote the lengthy movie reviews they had there. I think Grantland to a certain extent, at least compared to some others, was able to pull off the kind of departmental magazine feel that I think they were going for, as opposed to Deadspin, and this is the other major reason I stopped frequenting it, which often reads like a sports blog that desperately wants to be a politics blog, or vice versa.
  12. I haven't been to the Ringer yet, and what everyone's said hasn't really given me any reason to, but this description sounds an awful lot like half of the reasons I stopped frequenting Deadspin a while back. I can;t remember the exact time or what the exact stories were, but I remember one time I visited and on the front page there were only two stories about sports, four were reblogs from other Gawker sites, and 2 were those adver-posts about sweet summer deals on speakers.
  13. You know, Edmonton, when two ECHL teams are starting to take shots at your GM I think it might be time to start rethinking things
  14. I think if there's any MST3K set it looks like it's the Nirvana ("Come as you are to my mall, to my atrium...") compound from Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.
  15. Little Caesar's Arena, huh?So the new arena will be substandard compared to normal arenas but when the price is considered it will be the best arena available.
  16. This thread has kind of been the all things minor league hockey thread for some time now.
  17. I'm noticing a problem where I attempted to multiquote something, decided not to, and then came back to that thread to make a new post but can't because it still thinks I want to do the multiquote and now I can't delete them. This wouldn't be a problem if we could edit or type posts in plaintext like before, but that option seems to be missing.
  18. I think that the new chat feature is an interesting idea, but I can't really think of any thing that it could be used for other than gameday chat that the normal forum thread system can't be used for better.
  19. The circular avatars make it look like a cartoon is ending everytime I make a post now.
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