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  1. Easily one of the best alternate uniforms along with Bulls black, NJ Nets grey one.
  2. The white use is a perfect contrast to the red and yellow! ATL really nailed this look. 8.5/10 Very clean and presentable.
  3. Courtesy of Chicago Bulls Twitter. As mentioned in the Hawks new uniforms press release, all Statement uniforms will include a Jordan brand patch instead of Nike. Will post others as they come out.
  4. Been away since the pandemic. Whew that was interesting catching up on 14 pages here and 20+ pages from 2019-20 NBA changes. The ATL leak brought me back. Can't wait for more news!
  5. Hawks and 76ers are consistently rebranding every 5 years or so.
  6. Beautiful rebrand done right. Wish they had one more color as an accent but this gets the job done!
  7. Dallas tho was more iconic
  8. This uniform but without sleeves.
  9. I miss bitchin about the "home" uniforms on the road and vice versa.. Example: Lakers "rarely" wearing purple on the road
  10.{product id}: Dick's Sporting Goods store are selling these!!!! WOOHOO!!!! FINALLY! Thanks again guys for your help in my search for these shooting shirts! Edit: I added the link in case someone else wants to order this or search for other teams.
  11. Indeed @CaliforniaGlowin We were treated to some BEAUTIFUL uniform matchups with complimentary alternate courts last night!!!
  12. Yawn this logo screams Indianapolis (sarcasm)... Jokes aside it's nice actually. Looks like a future template but without any individuality for the host city.
  13. Correction -only 27 replies but 980 retweets and 7000+ likes. Yeah that's not that much (replies but 7k likes you right can seem inflated)... but still this is a pregame tweet..of shoes.. They've only eliminated the fiesta colors back in 2003 and it was incorporated in their identity for 12 years before that! Not asking them to go White Sox and change their identity. But again..Respectfully...we agree to disagree. Until I get the "last word" in.
  14. For those that didnt grow up in the 80s-90s Their old warmup jackets. They can go full Miami Heat like the Vice uniforms. They can even use fiesta subliminally like their camo (*gasp*) uniforms and just keep the same template. Or my personal favorite Use this San Antonio wordmark with same font. And just use the fiesta design on the side like Brookyln Biggie uniforms. Or I can shameless ask @Conrad. to post his concepts.