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  1. I wasn't expected this thread to "pop-up or created" until towards the end of the regular season when season ticket holder get info on new unis or when our "leakers" come thru. But whatever. We can only wait.
  2. Sacramento Kings got an updated court for the rest of the regular season with black paint (Woohoo!!) Big W, cause the purple court was nauseating.
  3. Utah hit another home run!! ------‐ As far as the Raptors one. I love the two tone but they NEEDED Red outline to bridge the 2 sides like the old Vince Carter era ones. Therefore ugh. Kinda like the Hornets new unis with teal and white but no purple. All it takes is a complimentary color to make a uniform great or
  4. Our boy came thru again with a leak of the actual Earned Raptors jersey...and it is straight up trash. Got that old school "Champion" cheap retail vibes.
  5. Solid uniform identity before but they were missing the double pinstripes and outlines on the numbers... Then they do this bullsh** They need to go back and ADD purple to the icon and association. Change the statement to read "Charlotte or Hornets" And keep the Mint and Gold but eliminate that "Buzz City". Easy peasy honey squeezey
  6. OKC has always had the most plain jane courts except the first year. Adding floor advertisements makes it even more an eye sore. Rockets City edition court actually looks nice and clean. Impressive. (I'll search for better pics) but this video will do.
  7. Those Suns uniforms are absolutely !!!! WOW.
  8. Rockets dropped the ball. Missed an opportunity to use something like this.
  9. I think I read somewhere that when the new Bucks owners took over they wanted the colors to be blue or, have blue in it..etc.
  10. Am I the only that thinks if they used this version instead and replaced "KITH" with Knicks (90s font), these would 1000% better??!!
  11. I agree with everyone else. This guy's version is 1000% better but it still relies on lengthy explanations to the common fan.
  12. As soon as I saw the dreaded Grey DC jersey as "Meh" and "H-town" as solid I almost immediately dismissed this list. Sorry. Houston' Oilers colors is cool but it is lifeless. No Gemini or anything special. Too boring. DC stars and stripes is perfect template but DC and its font along with Grey is snooze worthy. Everything else is right on. Charlotte and Phoenix would be perfect if they didn't have gimmicky name "Buzz City or The Valley".
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