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  1. You could literally replicate this design for Chicago but use the Chicago flag instead of the Blazers 3 stripes for the Bulls set too. (Can i request that be done too??)
  2. You can do a whole set based off this template and would sell like hotcakes! Absolute
  3. Minnesota, how hard is it to incorporate "land of 1000 lakes" and "pine trees" into your identity???!! This logo is simple but beautiful. Add a "timberwolf" and voila. New logo is ok but lazy. Just saying
  4. Thanks man. (Sheds a tear) Truly appreciate your insight. I know you gotta walk around here like this nowadays.
  5. Fingers crossed that Indiana convert their "City/Earned" uniforms into full term for next year. They look so good on TV and is such a good modern take on the FloJos and 90s prototype. IMO. @Teal @Conrad. Please tell me something good!!? ("...oh Baby baby baby" - singing horribly at my computer) I know Pacers just got new unis but Hell Phoenix did too and got new threads less than 4 years (thank goodness). Now Indiana, Houston, Minnesota, Toronto, San Antonio, Atlanta and New Orleans need to use this opportunity to fix their rebrand properly like Phoenix did. (OKC won't cause they their identity brand manager is the equivalent to GarPax of visual merchandise) New Orleans Change your set to these. And you will now look like you never left to convert to Mormonism (Utah). Minnesota Do something that adds trees or green to your ENTIRE identity and get rid of that goofy template. Green, blue, and touch of navy/silver and voila.(see Conrad's old mockups) Houston Red and yellow and keep that Challenger design on the side. (Black and grey are ok but yellow is needed) Toronto Bring Vince Carter back next year, do the right thing and go with this logo like you wanted to and just splash some purple with your current uniforms and voila. Back to having a top 5 selling uniform again. (Vince Carter uniforms were hotcakes back in turn of the century) Atlanta Replace Vort Green with yellow and go to bed. Easy fix. San Antonio I 100% agree with bringing back 90s Fiesta color-theme integration. Simple fix and we can go home. Miami Heat vice unis shows that it can work. Sorry for long post. Making up for lurking again plus just bored.
  6. Ads on jerseys (not soccer/football) are bad!! Mkay. No ad on a jersey has been cool for me to this ad makes me want to buy that jersey. But understand what you meant. Just putting my 2 cents into the jar.
  7. Anybody sees this??!! The jersey of the future!!!! The jersey that changes name and number!
  8. 2019 NBA All Star weekend court design has been revealed!
  9. I think the 2018 City Pacers uniform would be top 10 if only they used a color that was in their scheme instead of gray/grey.
  10. Bucks city unis- The shorts do an excellent job tying in the full uniform design. Considered me a fan now!
  11. Concepts like this are why I love these forums. Why cant Nike pull this off. Great job
  12. @hettinger_rl you clearly knocked this out of the park
  13. DUDE these concepts are so Clean and executed flawlessly! Good job! Cant wait for more.
  14. Take care my friend and may the Force be with you!