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  1. I'm sorry but i don't get this sketch (reference)
  2. According to Pistons France twitter.. the City uniform will be red Motor City. Meh
  3. Didn't know they were releasing City uniforms this early??!! Sooooooo..with LA Clippers and Miami currently leaked..any others we haven't seen officially (not counting OKC, GSW,etc)
  4. Maybe City since there are no earned this year.
  5. The font, the color scheme of this black Grizzlies jersey is top 10 all time in my book. The collar color combination, the outline on the wordmark and numbers, the stripe and logo on the shorts. And it looked good on TV!
  6. Scroll back a few's been discussed fam. Pacers Statement jersey has been revealed Here is the press release. Don't know how to imbedd twitter.
  7. I said SEVERAL key differences. But purple and silver done well. If the collar on KS was silver on top and white on bottom then yeah. Both have white wordmarks for numbers. SAC is silver, KS is white. For a same color scheme the uniform layout is VERY similar. There are tons of teams that share same color pattern but different uniform templates. These two are VERY similar. Small key differences but very similar.
  8. Strong Sacramento Kings vibes right here..just saying but several key differences.
  9. I've been waiting on this! Upgrade indeed!! Could have been executed better but I'm good with this.
  10. I know it's a practice uniform but this would be welcomed for Statement or City wordmark. Please be gold version for Statement or Navy for City.
  11. 13 days left and we still have about half of the teams to reveal their new Statement uniforms. This and awaiting the new Star Wars trailer has me gushing with excitement.
  12. This whole scene is EPIC and the music captures Joker carefree attitude and demeanor perfectly. Movie is one of the reasons for half of my name.
  13. Bulls, Pacers and Hornets please
  14. What can you tell us without revealing too much or your source??!
  15. They need to bring these back. These were gold!