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  1. On 3/16/2020 at 9:57 PM, kimball said:

    I won’t lie, I miss bitching about the Lakers wearing yellow on the road.

    I miss bitchin about the "home" uniforms on the road and vice versa..


    Example: Lakers "rarely" wearing purple on the road

  2. 6 hours ago, Ice_Cap said:

    Twitter, even a thread with 900 replies, is not a scientifically accurate poll of the fanbase's feelings. Social media has a way of amplifying minor things. 

    Correction -only 27 replies but 980 retweets and 7000+ likes.


    Yeah that's not that much (replies but 7k likes you right can seem inflated)... but still this is a pregame tweet..of shoes.. 


    They've only eliminated the fiesta colors back in 2003 and it was incorporated in their identity for 12 years before that!


    Not asking them to go White Sox and change their identity.  But again..Respectfully...we agree to disagree.


    Until I get the "last word" in. 😁



  3. For those that didnt grow up in the 80s-90s



    Their old warmup jackets.




    They can go full Miami Heat like the Vice uniforms.



    They can even use fiesta subliminally 

    like their camo (*gasp*) uniforms and just keep the same template.


    Or my personal favorite 


    Use this San Antonio wordmark with same font. And just use the fiesta design on the side like Brookyln Biggie uniforms.


    Or I can shameless ask @Conrad. to post his concepts.

  4. 12 hours ago, Ice_Cap said:

    1) What "people"?

    2) There never were "Fiesta" uniforms. The Spurs' use of fiesta colours was limited to the logo. The uniforms remained black, silver, and white. 

    1) people on Twitter responding/replying to the Spurs post with "fiesta" colors.



    *Here is the link with 900+ replies*


    2) We know there were never FIESTA uniforms but people are asking for Fiesta inspired uniforms based on the retro warmups and Alamodome court.


    Nike's city/statement unis are good opportunities for this


    (I.e. like Brooklyn Biggie Camo..the Spurs could EASILY do this)

  5. 8 hours ago, upperV03 said:

    That’s just their City Edition shooting shirt:


    Super Thanks @upperV03 any link to where I can buy it!??


    I've been searching for hours (still) typing "Chicago Bulls Nike NBA Hoodie Courtside City Edition" and this NEVER came up. (Thus my original post) 


    Edit:  Realized you got it from Lockervision but Nike doesn't sell this item yet. Lockervision link goes to same NBA shop website but there isn't anything for it.. even on Chinese websites for this! (Yes I want it that bad)

  6. thad.jpg?itok=xs1skO21

    Saw this picture in article about Thaddeus Young complaining about playing time. But what caught me was the City edition shirt Zach Lavine is wearing in the background.


    @Conrad. Any clue to this shirt? anyone? I just searched vigorously but can't find anything??!!

  7. On 12/2/2019 at 12:16 AM, Pyromania1983 said:

    Which 10?






    Raptors (ok)







    Brooklyn, Chicago and Milwaukee would be on here if they changed the wordmark to their cities name instead of stupid nickname, logo on chest or famous suburb of a city (See Golden  State 8500 Nickname uniforms (Bay, Town, City)


  8. 2 hours ago, anythinglogos said:

    The Raptors paying homage to their inaugural NOB styling is pretty cool. Of course, that raises the question why this can be done yet outlined NOBs are verboten 

    They hit a home run!! 8/10. Would be perfect with white outline or some purple here or there.