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  1. Off to a good start with these, I think the Rockies would look better if the jerseys were paired with the other pants so the bottom half flows into the pants more. And I wonder how the diamond backs would look with their current red instead of the purple.
  2. This set kinda reminds me of Keanu reeves team in the replacements, in a good way. My only nitpick would be to add navy outlines on the jersey numbers
  3. Temple looks great, I think you could slim the pants stripe a little bit and maybe add the stripe to the helmet as well. I’d also love to see a red helmet for them. Keep up the good work!
  4. I agree with @prrams95, solid overall look but I think it could benefit from number outlines and maybe a more modern font
  5. Whitesox looking good! I’ve always wanted them to add red as an accent and your concept uses it right. Only suggestions would be to add some red to the pinstripe set and maybe some white on the aways
  6. Vegas looks sharp, I especially love that stripe on the shorts
  7. Jets look really good, but could you do a version where the dark green is the primary?
  8. Really different take on the Texans. Looks great, maybe add stripes to the pants, and maybe some orange pants. I really love the horns on the helmet.
  9. I’ve seen some people try similar color schemes for the ducks, but this is incredible. The color balance and the number font really piece it all together. Great work as always.
  10. Cardinals: I really like the copper color rush; solid set all around. Falcons: I’m glad you emphasized red rather than black, but I think it could use a little more black. Ravens: love the use of red as the accent color, but I think you might need to reel it in (red numbers and B); the color rush is beautiful. Bills: not much to do with their set, but looks good nonetheless.
  11. This is one of the best senators sets I’ve ever seen on this site. My only nitpicks are the phantom yolk and I️ think it would help to thicken the outline on the numbers so they don’t get lost in the stripe.
  12. I️ think the logos and word marks should stay. All I️ think they need is a minor update that drops the use of silver. I’ve always preferred the more blue and white prominent away set and silver makes them look like the love child of the raiders and the lions.
  13. GREat job on the Ivy League top to bottom. I️ really love the chest stripe for Dartmouth
  14. All of these are solid looks, but my biggest complaint is that you flipped the colors of The stripe on Auburn’s home jersey. Looking forward to the east
  15. Agree that the green should be lighter is you're going for oregons shade, and I think white numbers would look better on the home. It's a great set for the eagles and I'd love to see them wear something like this
  16. 2C and then 1C are definitely my two favorites. I've wanted to see what the two logos would look like combined and you did a great job. Looking forward to the uniforms.
  17. Great end to the series the senators look great.
  18. Never personally been a fan of the blue tomahawk but every thing else in the set is perfect, especially the heritage alt
  19. The Padres look good but I'd love to see an all yellow away uniform
  20. Exactly my thoughts. The bee logo on the sleeve looks great and really ties it all together.
  21. The rangers look great with the new color scheme. I'm glad you didn't stray too far from their current brand other than the colors as I've always liked their current uniforms.
  22. The bees look great, and I'm glad you went with a more yellow dominant look. For the blue alt id say the SL monogram is the way to go.
  23. The red and green looks great for Portland, I've always thought that a Portland team should wear red and green.
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