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  1. I think it would look great if you used the cascadia green with a navy blue like the others have, but if I had to pick one I'd go with #1
  2. Really digging the new Ohio logo and I'd say the second "Cleveland" wordmark is the strongest. Will there also be uniforms with these?
  3. really digging the isles look. I like the idea for the flames but I think on the home some of the yellow could be swapped for white, and on the away I think you could add more of the dark red to emphasize the double red idea.
  4. I actually meant for the outermost outline to be the same color as the jersey, but it's a great jersey nonetheless. I'm also a fan of the retro look with royal blue and red.
  5. I really like the jets jerseys but I think a second outline on the numbers would help so that they don't get lost in the chest stripe.
  6. Just found this thread and all of them are pretty solid. Do you think you'll possibly do full uniform concepts or just continue with helmets?
  7. The jerseys look great but I think blue pants would help balance the colors
  8. The jerseys look great but I think blue pants would help balance the colors
  9. Solid look, but I think that the away would look better with red numbers and socks like the uniforms from the 90s
  10. Really like that idea, and it also plays on the Boston-New York rivalry
  11. Not a huge fan of the word mark, and he think it'd be a lot better if some of the elements were shrunk a bit. All in all nice work, and I was wondering why white socks on the road sets?
  12. It's a nice logo, and I definitely prefer the non silver version. I'd love to see an application of the logo on the uniforms or the court as well.
  13. ^I think you should use some powder blue and I've always preferred the orimary logo you used on the blue jersey
  14. Awesome idea with the chest stripe, but on the green primary I think the numbers could use a green outline to break up the number from the stripe more, as it's a little bit cluttered. Definitely one of the best whalers concepts I've ever seen tho, great job!
  15. These are all great! However I think it would make more sense to put the Indians and reds together and the pirates and tigers as those are the actual interleaugue matchups.
  16. Great job on the ducks! Can't wait for the next team
  17. I think the right shoulder logo should be reversed so that on both the wing is going to the back
  18. That last kings set is awesome! Great job on all of these. Will you be doing this for any of the other 6 expansion teams?
  19. Giants look great, the road word mark has always bothered me so I'm glad you fixed it. The black jersey definitely looks best with the orange logo and numbers. I'm glad you fixed some problems without straying from their identity. Great job on them, can't wait for the next one!
  20. Team NA look awesome, I like the modern look for the team
  21. ^the blue is left of red on the flag but vice versa on the away, so it would make sense to flip the colors
  22. That Czech set is gorgeous but my only complaint is that I think the hem stripes should be flipped so that from the front it looks more like the flag
  23. Both versions look great, but I think the red should have a white collar. Also, if you're going to go for the red yolk on the away I think it would fit better without the black outline. I really like the roundel, and that you changed it up a bit for a team whose had the same uniform for about 50 years.
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