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  1. Looks good but I think the alternate would greatly benefit from swapping the maroon and the blue(except for the word mark and numbers), I just think the blue looks out of place in such a high quantity.
  2. Blackhawks look great can't wait for the blue jackets
  3. The Canucks set is great and the logos look awesome. My only complaint is that the navy looks a little too black and I think a little more green would look great.
  4. Gladiators look awesome, I'm glad you didn't try anything too crazy with them but still went outside of the box
  5. I really like this aces alt, I think the red helmet really brings it together, great job on this I can't wait for the gladiators
  6. I really like the blue shorts for the aces, but I think the white jersey would be better if it was more black dominant. I would go with alt #1 I think it looks the best. with the Americans I really like the home and the away, but for the alt I think would be better if it was more of a color swap of the home, the stripe just looks kinda weird because it's longer than a normal yolk but isn't a full one.
  7. These are great! That logo is one of the best I've seen, keep it up man.
  8. Ok I was just wondering, I really like the idea and the two you've done look pretty good
  9. Are you planning on only doing the uniforms for one team from each city?
  10. Looks good, but I was wondering why you didn't use the template you normally use?
  11. All of these are pretty solid, my only real complaints are the white in the bengals pants stripe and the lack of orange on the Broncos road uniform. I think you've posted it before but that chargers set is sweet, also on the Chiefs is that the Astros number font?
  12. These look great! I've always wanted the Texans to wear white helmets. I like the idea behind the silver, I just don't think it works for the Texans.
  13. All four of these look great, my only real complaint is silver/gray for the Texans, it just looks off to me. However I still really like what you've done with them; do you think you could make an update where the silver is switched for white?
  14. For the braves I think the socks would look good if they were blue with a red-white-red northwestern stripe, also I think the Pirates would look good with some yellow socks to match the jersey. Awesome series, keep up the good work!
  15. The jets logo looks fantastic on that recoloring, I really like the shade of red you chose for them, overall great job on them. Keep up the good work!
  16. The Vikings, packers, and bears all relatively stayed the same which I like, and those are some great alts, especially the Vikings color rush. On the lions I really like the striping and the blue pants on the road, but the font looks like a cheap version of the Vikings. My only really problem with it is how thin it is, I think if you changed to a different front or even just widened that one it would be a big improvement. Great job though, keep it up!
  17. ^ I'm not the biggest fan of the redskins helmet stripe, and the number font isn't the best. Also on the Eagles green and black pants I think it would look best if the colored stripe was in the middle of the white and grey. Lastly I'm not sure about the grey on the giants color rush. These are just small details though, these are all great and I hope all the other divisions end up this well! Can't wait for the Falcons!
  18. I really like the idea and the concepts, but why is every team wearing white socks?
  19. These are some great sets. I'd suggest using a color other than gold for the Louisiana logo so it doesn't get lost in the stripes, like black on the black jersey. Those Panthers unis are a thing of beauty, and despite the use of gold the Falcons look pretty solid. Keep up the good work I look forward to the Bucs!
  20. Phantoms look great, is that number font based on the Vikings current one?
  21. I love the new fox logo, as well as the new polar bear one looks like a soccer crest, but a great logo nonetheless
  22. love all the new updates, the expos and D-backs look especially great.
  23. Great set the Pirates look great with the yellow hat and socks.
  24. Both look great I really like the vest for Colorado.
  25. The Texas teams look great, especially the Astros. I'd have to agree with some of the others that you should try to picking more vibrant or obnoxious colors, such as the d-backs in turquoise. Great work and keep it up man.
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