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  1. these look great! I was afraid the might look too much like UGA, but you did a great job distancing the two and making the Falcons unique among other NFL teams.
  2. Good point. Looking at it now I can definitely see why it doesn't look right. Here you go! Great work on the braves and phillies, this is exactly what I was hoping for with the braves and the phillies one is pretty awesome too.
  3. This series looks interesting, the teams look great in spite of being monochrome. Can't wait for the braves!
  4. Falcons set looks good but I've never liked the grey numbers on the red jersey, I think white would be an improvement
  5. Would've preferred patriot pat for the pats throwback, but it still looks good
  6. NHL teams wearing white helmets on the road and wearing the same shorts for their home and away unis.
  7. I'm with everyone else on the habs tail stripes, but I also can't really get behind the white away numbers. However I really like the idea of the 40s style away, I've always preferred it to their current one.
  8. Great set! I really like hoe orange was emphasized more without being overwhelming or outdoing the teal.
  9. As much as I like these uniforms, and numbers on the front of hockey jerseys the 19 looks very forced, outside of that I couldn't agree more.
  10. location is obviously a huge part because in atlanta its almost impossible to play growing up, which lessens the appeal and then when your team is the joke of the league their entire existence its definitely hard to attract fans.
  11. Definitely agree I loved their units but hate how out of place the logo is
  12. I really loved how old baseball caps had the kelly green underbrim
  13. I don't think it's unpopular but I loved that they accented the e with a fleur
  14. The mets are looking sharp, really diggin' that retro alt.
  15. I never liked the old bucks set from the super bowl team. Especially the white set, it was just too bleak.
  16. Really like the Falcons, they remind me of the 90s sets
  17. i hope this isnt unpopular because that look would be way better, and they would meet the one uniform requirement that their name gives
  18. really love the new units but not sure how I feel about the two colored word mark, maybe solid blue or swap the white for navy. Other than that the sets are perfect
  19. I was hoping for more of an expos style racing stripe for Italy and I loved Japan's pinstripes. Sad to see them go
  20. love Korea and Venezuela, and how are you going to go about the 12 team tourney?
  21. Love the new Cuban unis, but I'm not feeling the number font for the Netherlands
  22. I love the waistband and Steve stripes for Venezuela and Japan looks great in pinstripes
  23. I really like the third because it reminds me of the university of miami with the colors
  24. i think if you make the gray darker the blue and orange would pop off and be much more visible on the secondary
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