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  1. Many people here would disagree. I wouldn't say it's a classic eitherIts the only uniforms theyve ever had, so while they arent an old time tradition, they are getting there. The Tigers have kept their look for over 100 years, and resisted the urge to say "its time for something new". I dont see anything wrong, or outdated about the Rockies uniforms. I hate the black vests, but the home/road/purple alt. set is nice. I guess I just think teams should stick with a decent look more often. The Rays improved their look, but the D'Backs and Marlins got worse.
  2. One of the best things about the Rockies is that they have actually stuck with their original look for the last 20+ years. Theres no need for a change. The other 3 most recent expansion franchises cant ever make up their minds about color schemes, logos, uniforms, etc. The Rockies have stayed with it, and its becoming a classic.
  3. Ive been saying for years that they need to go back to the uniforms from the days of the logo in your sig. The Rockets havent used yellow since what, 1994? They won 2 titles in the old uni's. I understand the crazy mid-late 90's uniform revolution, but theyve been using these plain and boring red/white striped uni's for FAR too long.
  4. The new uniforms are boring. How can you make Hornets jerseys without pinstripes? These new ones are cookie cutter modern NBA uniforms. There will be nothing about them to be remembered. Would there have been an outcry if they just brought back the classic 90's uniforms? Of course not, they were great. I dont get the forced update to the look. The old logo and old jerseys were great.
  5. Vested MLB jerseys are one of the biggest abominations in sports uniform history. A baseball jersey should always be button down with sleeves. I cant believe that in 2014, the Rockies STILL use the black alternate vests...
  6. Is there some sort of trademark issue thats preventing the Ducks from using the old Mighty Ducks logo? Why do they stick with that terrible duck foot "D"? The Donald Duck mask was an instant classic. IMO the Ducks need a full re-design. Colors too.
  7. 49ers- Yes. Best in the NFL imo. Giants- Yes. Not the best, but top 5. Sharks- Eh, the new versions are boring and plain. Still one of the best logos. The black alternates are sick. Jazz- Yuck. Hated the redesign. Ditching purple for navy blue ruins the entire point of throwbacks. The main logo went from "Purple Mountain's Majesty" to "Green Mountain Tragedy". We should go back to the 1996-2003 uniforms. Purple/Teal/SkyBlue/White/Copper with the mountains. Jayhawks- Yes. Hated when we changed the font to Trajan, but otherwise theyre classic.