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  1. So the other day I was watching MLB Central and they were talking about the Padres. One of the hosts said something along the lines of, "As the owner of the Padres, where do you go next to fix this ball club?" So I got to thinking, being the sports logo/uniform lover I am, I would start be tweaking the teams identity. I then looked over at my Green and Gold military appreciation Padres on field hat, and thought about how that is my favorite color scheme to see the team wearing. This redesign is what resulted. I wanted to take their current wordmarks/logos and make some color changes, tweak the uniforms, and give them an updated primary logo. My goal was to stay simple and not get too crazy with it, so here it is. New Primary Logo: Home Uniform: Road Uniform: Alternates: BP Uniform:
  2. I would LOVE to see these for Colorado State University. In both Green and Gold if you could.
  3. JJHoser

    NHL by Adidas

    At first I didn't know how much I approved of your designs. But then I saw your Avalanche designs and realized you aren't like the millions of other halfwits on this site that completely ruin the Avalanche. Beautiful Job man. Although, I would say take out the black from the alternate. A lot of people here in Colorado don't really like the black on the old alternates. And I don't particularly think it's necessary either.
  4. I don't think your logo is bad, but I don't think it is as slick and smooth as the new redesign. It still looks great but just seems less like an MiLB logo.
  5. The Cardinals is the only logo that you have improved at all. The panther looks like a pitbull and the viking looks like something from the muppets.
  6. Alright, so recently two teams have released new uniforms in the MiLB world. I love seeing new minor league uniforms but recently it feels as if these teams choose terrible logos/designs for their hats and they don't pair them wisely. That's why I took the liberty of doing a quick fix for the Bowling Green Hot Rods. I think all they jerseys are perfect so I just fixed the hats. What I fixed: Home: I changed the logo on the hat from Navy blue w/ Orange trim to White BG with Navy trim and orange trim Away: I simply took the hat paired with the alternate uniform and moved it to away because it fits better with the grey Alternate: I took the logo off the orange away hat and replaced it with the new hot rod and moved it to the alternate uniform BP: I put the logo from the away hat onto the BP hat.
  7. Can you make one of Kenneth Faried in the nuggets jersey?
  8. Most of these are either terrible to think about in a real life game or they already exist. I.e. rockies, dbacks,cleveland.
  9. Well since people like to not respond, I am going to move on. New Orleans: I haven't been a huge fan of the name pelicans or any of their logo sets. I do however like their wordscript. I love their color scheme. And I think they need to have a gold jersey and I thought they need to incorporate the fleur de lis somehow. So here is my idea.It wouldn't replace the red alternate they already have, it would just enter their rotation as a 4th uniform.
  10. Alright, I have taken some advice and made some tweaks. Here are two versions. The only difference being the white and yellow circle. Also, I am going to be changing this thread to an NBA alternates thread where I will design some kind of alternate jersey (or more than one) for each NBA team in order to give them one or in order to fix their current ones.
  11. I tried making the bridge design flow into the shorts but it took up most of the shorts and just looked like a shotty pinstripe job. Then I decided to just have a seperate design on each short. I don't really feel that the shorts and jersey need to line up in that aspect. But thank you for the feedback guys!
  12. In this thread I will create an alternate to add or fix for every NBA teams current uniform sets. To start, I have been watching the finals and cheering for Golden State all through the playoffs and it really bugs me that they don't have a beautiful alternate uniform. I obviously would love for the alternate to be yellow, so I thought about their history and decided to design something that pay homage to their uniforms of the past except using all of the current set's logos and scripts. I also thought it was too boring with just a traditional feel so I tried to incorporate the old uniform's design and style with design ideas of the modern age, hence the Bridge design on the side. So here is what I came up with. Here is a link to the uniform inspiration: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/x1luf2wgklgjh4h9emhezhxg9/Golden_State_Warriors/1972/Home_Uniform
  13. Both. The block is very similar to a lot of NCAA identities. And the TC font has been used by Red Sox, Mets, Kingsport Mets, Brooklyn Cyclones, Spokane Indians, and the charlotte Knights.
  14. They aren't affiliated with the rockies anymore. Also, this font is overused in all of baseball. I can't say it works.
  15. These really did go from 0 to -100 really quick. Most of these concepts look like something Lil' Wayne would put on his team if he owned an NFL franchise. Goddy and flashy and unnecessary for most of them. The Packers should never have Green helmets. The Browns should never have a logo. And last time I checked it was the Philadelphia Eagles, not Philadelphia Ducks. You get a gold star for effort though.