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  1. Wow! Was that supposed to be a reference to the Gettysburg Address?
  2. How dare you misrepresent the Heat with such a barfish concept!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Dumb idea! Shouldn't they be playing broom racing or witch ball!
  4. Amazing idea! Totally would love if this was on television.
  5. I love how you incorporated the old wizards design. Also I like how instead of a wand in the basketball the Washington monument and a star are used. Great job!
  6. Calm down dude! They didn't take your idea. This is just a concept. If they want to use NYCFC they can. Maybe you'll see your idea come to life.
  7. On the Denver Riders I think you should go with a lighter brown or tan because that brown and black are to gaudy together. Overall it is pretty good.