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  1. Which of these 10 championship rings is your favorite design? Bill Belichick is showing off his two New York Giants Super Bowl rings, (extreme left and right), his five winning and huge Patriots Super Bowl rings, and on one finger, his three losing Patriot rings, called AFC championship rings. His one championship ring missing from this photo is the most recent, so perhaps this photo was taken before June of this year, when Belichick was awarded a Patriots 2017 AFC championship ring; after the team lost Super Bowl LII to the Eagles in February of 2018. Crazy championship ring collectors, at some point, will inevitably stack their fingers with multiple championship rings. If you have ever loaded up your ten fingers, with huge, solid gold championship rings, you know how unbelievable heavy and uncomfortable it it. There's a reason Belichick's hands are pointed down - it's called gravity! My favorite is the latest wining Super Bowl ring (the Patriots 5th) from the 2016 season. In the photo, it's second from the right.
  2. Will do, but would you please reconsider your stance for three reasons? And if you disagree, I will honor your request. 1) The Patriots redesigned the offered ring as an almost exact reproduction of the player design, just scaled down 20-25%. This re-design is noteworthy and highly unusual, so as a discussion on design, it merits mention. 2) The recent post about a fake Yankee ring, and my adding that the Brady ring is a redesign and smaller than the player version, is a huge help to your readership - helping them avoid getting ripped off, and adding value to your forum. 3) There is so little activity in this ring section - asking for less contributions that may stray from the core subject of this forum only hurts your readership and activity. Is that what you really want - less activity? Thanks for all the work you do and for providing this forum - I don't mean any disrespect and will honor your decision and wishes.
  3. Wow, what a ring! Looks like the player version, but it contains 260 diamonds compared to the player's 283 diamonds. Also, at 77.3 grams, the Brady Super Bowl ring is about 25% smaller than the player version. You wonder why a "Tom Brady" family member would sell the ring, and if anymore are out there, and if other players got 25% smaller family rings as well.
  4. The photo below is a rare glimpse into each and every Super Bowl ring; and how the newest ones stack up against each other in size. That’s some photograph! What you’re looking at is a set of NFL salesman sample championship rings from every single Super Bowl. Astute championship ring enthusiasts might notice that the Raiders Super Bowl XVIII ring is sitting in the Giants Super Bowl XXV slot and vice versa.The NFL has a few sets of these Super Bowl rings and house complete sets at: NFL Headquarters, The Pro Football HOF, The Traveling Super Bowl exhibit, located at each Super Bowl’s host city leading up to the annual big game, and finally, one more set at the permanent NFL exhibit located in Times Square New York City.What I marvel most is that fans of Super Bowl rings can finally see how the latest rings compare in size. In the photo above, it now becomes clear how large the Broncos Super Bowl 50 ring is and how close in size the Patriots last two Super Bowl rings are to each other in size. You can also see how the Steelers Super Bowl XL ring and Cots XLI rings are smaller than most of the Super Bowl rings made around that time.Other small championship rings shown are the Seahawks and Saints championship rings but keep in mind the first winning ring for an NFL franchise does run smaller than subsequent Super Bowl rings the teams earn. While the Packer’s last Super Bowl ring shown looks small, keep in mind, that’s the only Super Bowl ring in the run made of solid platinum, which is heavier and more costly than gold.The championship rings shown in the photograph lack real diamonds, and instead, use man-made and inexpensive cubic zirconias.
  5. Anyone want to talk about the design of the 2009 NFL championship rings? The ring on the left is the New Orleans first and only Super Bowl Ring from their 2009 season. Sadly for championship ring traditionalists, this was the last Super Bowl ring made in solid yellow gold. While the shift had been changing from yellow to white gold on most championship rings, the Saints smartly choose to honor the team’s colors by using yellow gold. This beautiful and average-size to small championship ring was designed and manufactured by Tiffany and Company. The 2009 Super Bowl ring is made of solid 14K yellow gold and the player version weighs 57 grams, which is an incredible reduction in weight from the Steelers Super Bowl ring from the year before that weighted in at almost twice as heavy (105 grams). The Saints diamond covered rings boasts a very modest small center diamond which symbolizes the team’s first Super Bowl title. Most first-time Super Bowl winning rings do have a diamond larger in size. One of my favorite features of the Saints Super Bowl ring is the musical notes seen on the side of the championship rings. It happens that those musical notes are the actual notes from “When the Saints Go Marching In”. The Colts 2008 NFC championship ring is a very nice diamond-loaded championship ring. It weighs in at 56 grams and was made in solid 14K white gold by Herff Jones. It's quite rare, although happened in 2009 that the conference championship ring was just about the same size as the Super Bowl winning ring. Although Herff Jones makes very few championship rings unlike the major championship ring manufacturers. Located in the same city as the Indianapolis Colts perhaps helped when the team choose them to design and craft the championship ring.
  6. Thank you for bringing this up and I agree completely with your opinion about doing homework. That's sound advise. As someone who often writes about championship rings, I'd love to write more about this matter, however, I'm worried it could lead to legal issues. For those that read the article, please research (google) both the reputations of Barry Halper, and the reputation of the author of haulsofshame site, Peter Nash. Josh Evans has a very good reputation in the hobby and so does Lelands. While Peter has done terrible things to many people, and he's in tons of legal troubles, that doesn't mean his conclusions on this matter is wrong. But he's been known to twist things for his own agenda, so who know what to think.
  7. I like the ring a lot, but I hate the team since I root for one of their division rivals. Even though I root against them each and every Sunday, I admire their Super Bowl rings, they are so well designed and beautiful. I'm interested in learning more about the design - 10K or 14K gold, and the weight of the ring and a side by side comparison to their last Super Bowl ring to see how much larger their latest ring is. Camera angles can distort the true size differences as rings towards the background look smaller. Hopefully we will uncover more details soon.
  8. The Patriots Showed a Sneak Peek video of their upcoming Super Bowl LI Rings: As expected there will be a lot of bling found on the Patriots latest Super Bowl rings; due to be awarded later this month. To catch a glimpse of the fifth Patriots Super Bowl ring all you have to do is look on the Patriots’ Twitter account or use the link to the video below. Not only does the video offer Patriot fans and championship ring enthusiasts a sneak peek of their upcoming Super Bowl ring, it reveals how Jostens employees design and manufacture championship rings. I'm wondering if the Patriots have started a new trend with this championship ring video - sneak peaks before the actual championship rings are awarded. Here's the link to see the video: https://twitter.com/Patriots/status/872173115714949120
  9. Great! Thanks again! Terrific observation and research on your part. Should I use your name, your initials, or your sportslogos screen name?
  10. Great observation and thanks for mentioning this. May i report on this on my blog? Please let me know. I will give you full credit for your findings. thanks!
  11. The 2016 Los Angeles Sparks 2016 WNBA Championship Rings Seeing this stunning Championship Ring was love at first sight as it’s design is absolutely magnificent: Here are some details: The championship ring was made by Baron Championship Rings, not Jostens. The 10 diamonds located at the bottom of the ring (see lower right photograph) represent the 10 days it took to purchase the team. The Team slogans “We Are” and “We Rise” are stamped inside each ring The 20th season logo and the LA Skyline and Season Record are etched on one side of the championship ring There are 20 diamonds that represent 20 years of Sparks Basketball Four Purple Stones Represent 4 Western Conference Championships The championship ring also shows the LA Skyline and the Staples Center, Galen Center, and the Hollywood Hills The championship ring contains 3 black diamonds that represent the 3 WNBA championship titles the team has earned One large diamond is on the side of the ring that represents the 2016 WNBA championship The championship ring contains over 80 grams of solid gold and over 2 carats of real diamonds The championship ring comes with a wood presentation box with custom etching and engraving Here’s a Link to the Barons video that shows the making of this magnificent championship ring:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFOXlf90A2E
  12. Grambling State Football Team Gets Championship Rings If Grambling’s newest Championship Rings look familiar, it’s because their design was probably made from a modified mold of the Ravens Super Bowl XLVII rings. After an outstanding 2016 football season culminating in a National Championship, the Gambling State University football team has been awarded their 2016 Championship rings. As you can see from the photos above, Grambling’s stunning championship ring shares the same design characteristics as the Ravens second Super Bowl Ring. As we’ve witnessed over the last decade or two, Jostens does reuse their championship ring molds and designs for newer championship rings. While a player’s Super Bowl ring is made of solid gold and authentic diamonds, a college or high school championship ring isn’t. That means that huge High School and College championship rings can rival the size, style, and bling of a Super Bowl ring, at a tiny fraction of the cost. While a player Super Bowl ring could cost $30,000 to craft each one, a run of 60 championship rings or more on the College level (think about the staff that’s included too and it could be more than 60 rings) would be around $30,000 for the entire run.
  13. Anyone want to discuss these championship rings from Super Bowl XLIII? Continuing my slow but steady comments and pictures of Super Bowl rings from a particular game here are the Rings from Super Bowl XLIII. The ring on the left is the Pittsburgh Steelers most current Super Bowl Ring from their 2008 season. The Steelers with this championship ring, become the only NFL team to have won six Super Bowl rings. This beautiful and gigantic championship ring was designed and manufactured by Jostens and it's substantially larger and heavier than the team's Super Bowl ring from just three seasons earlier. The 2008 Super Bowl ring is made of solid 14K yellow gold (I miss the days when championship rings were made in this color) and the player version weighs an incredible 105 grams. The team that loses the Super Bowl is recognized as a champion of their respective conference and are awarded championship rings too. The Arizona Cardinals ring shown above is about half the size and weight of the Steelers Super Bowl ring. The Cardinals 2008 NFC championship ring is a very nice diamond-loaded championship ring. It weighs in at 53 grams and was made in solid 10K white gold by Jostens.
  14. Anyone want to discuss the championship rings from the 2007 Super Bowl? The ring on the left is the New York Giants winning Super Bowl Ring from their 2007 season and their most improbable stunning upset over the undefeated New England Patriots. This beautiful championship ring was designed and manufactured by Tiffany & Company and is substantially larger and heavier than the team's first two Super Bowl rings. The Super Bowl ring is made of solid 14K white gold and the player version weighs around 71 grams. At the time, I was blown away by the fresh new look of the Giants Tiffany ring. But Four seasons later when Tiffany got a chance to do the Giants Fourth Super Bowl championship, I feel they did a better job in that design than the one shown below. The Patriots 2007 AFC championship ring shown below is a very nice diamond-loaded championship ring. It weighs in at 46 grams and was made in solid 10K white gold by Jostens. Disappointed that their undefeated regular season did not end with a championship, perhaps the Pats did not put a lot of time and effort into the design of this ring. I say that because the Patriots have become known for making spectacular championship rings that each time bring their newest edition to new heights. Even their losing AFC ring from 2011, was spectacular and ground breaking for an AFC/NFC championship ring. This particular one however, is just a design retread from Jostens that we have seen other teams use in their losing efforts. Any thoughts on the design of either of these rings?
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