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  1. wow! another Loper on the thread. my father created that version of Louie. His name was Bill Dunn and passed away early this year. Love the fact that there is still a recognition for the cartoon Louie. Will search for a good file and upload it here. Wow that is amazing, it is a really cool design, also sorry for your loss. Must have been difficult. Amazing that someone would see it that knew the creator so personally.
  2. I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, our mascot is the Lopers, which is short for Antelopes. I've always been interested in the old school Louie Loper logo but never have found one of good quality, only one I have found is located at the link. Would appreciate it if someone would be able to update and bring it back to it's former glory. Thanks, Micheal logoserver.com/college/NebraskaKearneyLopers2.GIF
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