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  1. Good job Ryan! Really like the use of the Hornet "E" in the pants and helmet Wouldn't mind seeing Emporia use the gold full time as they went all gold for all three of their playoff games this year. I thought it looked good.
  2. As a UNK alum I'm excited to see where this goes! I already do an MIAA dynasty on NCAA 14 with the current uniforms etc, interested to see some ideas for alternates.
  3. You're right the sleeves are all different, hadn't noticed that and don't like it. Not quite a true set then but random pieces put together.
  4. The mannequin on the right looks like he has giraffe legs, that is all. Really like his helmet though, best of the bunch.
  5. You are right I have to say, all they had done before was alternates right?
  6. It has to be an alternate for Nebraska, I can't see them letting Adidas do the stripe slash on the regulars.
  7. When I see East Tennessee's new football uniforms all I see are an almost EXACT copy of what Nike did for Central Oklahoma, a D2 school my school plays.
  8. wow! another Loper on the thread. my father created that version of Louie. His name was Bill Dunn and passed away early this year. Love the fact that there is still a recognition for the cartoon Louie. Will search for a good file and upload it here. Wow that is amazing, it is a really cool design, also sorry for your loss. Must have been difficult. Amazing that someone would see it that knew the creator so personally.
  9. Yeah I think the rust was not best idea, would have liked sharp, clean look better.
  10. Very impressed that both teams are going along with this for a fun unique event.
  11. I feel throwbacks are what college football alternates should be, even if it's a revisioned throwback, like Ohio State's (chrome, matte etc). I feel they have more character.
  12. I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, our mascot is the Lopers, which is short for Antelopes. I've always been interested in the old school Louie Loper logo but never have found one of good quality, only one I have found is located at the link. Would appreciate it if someone would be able to update and bring it back to it's former glory. Thanks, Micheal
  13. Unsure if made the thread but my school, Division 2 University of Nebraska at Kearney will have new uniforms this year for all sports. The Lopers signed a deal with Under Armour earlier this year. Many photos at football unveil article at
  14. I remember hearing once that Millard North's tape on the helmets was to signify that all the players are equal and part of the team. Hear me out, some times in practice when coaches are getting to know their players they put tapes on the helmets with the names of the players on them. Once the players become more known the tape comes off, I always thought the tape served as a reminder that they still have something to earn, a mentality of we need to improve every day, game.
  15. One of my favorite threads of the year!
  16. I think Wisconsin needs to make some changes in their uniform to give them their own identity than they currently have. When Barry Alvarez went to Wisconsin and tried to turn them into a Nebraska of the 1990s they've copied the general idea of the uniform. Would like to see something to separate the two.