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  1. 5 hours ago, officeglenn said:

    The Daily Mail is reporting that a review of gambling legislation in the UK may include a ban on front-of-shirt advertising for football clubs starting in 2023. This would currently affect nine Premier League clubs and six Championship clubs, as well as teams in the Scottish Premiership.


    Here's my writeup on it for the mothership.


    This as American leagues, teams, media outlets, and seemingly everyone else involved with sports is rushing to make deals with sports gambling companies.



    "We’re bombarded by gambling adverts and that has to stop."


    Maybe we should pay attention to the country that tried all of this a few decades before us?

  2. The Nets jersey is...not great. I like the idea of drawing from Brooklyn's history and legends for the City editions (especially because the team itself doesn't have deep roots in the borough yet), but the execution has been sub- minor league baseball gimmick night so far.


    That being said, I've got my fingers crossed for a Barbra Streisand edition next season.

  3. The unaffiliated G League team comprised of elite players forgoing college will be called "NBA G League Ignite". They've unveiled a wordmark, with the rest of the logo to come:




    The bold, capitalized font of the NBA G League Ignite wordmark heralds the team’s energetic commitment to basketball development and serves as an anchor for the team’s full identity and uniform designs, which will be unveiled at a later date.


  4. In terms of the start date getting pushed back a year, I wonder if they'd gotten to the point where the 2021 uniforms and accessories that change every season (jackets, etc.) were designed or even put into production? Would they just carry over the uniform designs into 2022 even if one or both are out of sync with whatever Adidas's templates are at that point?

  5. 1 hour ago, sc49erfan15 said:



    Great, Hornets colors.


    If it's teal and purple I'm going to be disappointed. Teal and purple are great for the Hornets, but they've got a chance to really do something unique here. Make it your own, don't copy another local team's color scheme.


    Someone on Twitter pointed out that the two paint cans on the sidewalk near the corner of the building are teal and gold...

  6. 10 minutes ago, NYCdog said:



    Today they’re teasing logo and colors. And it makes some sense. Based on what I see: 

    Carolina Blue = a perfect primary color linking Charlotte MLS to the Carolina Panthers.


    Purple = a color used by royalty, a perfect trim color providing brand separation from the NFL club


    I’ll predict the name is Charlotte Town FC with the crown being prominently featured in the badge.


    Here's the glimpse of the crown from the video:


  7. The franchise, which starts play next season, released this teaser today:


    The team filed for trademarks on several options last year: Charlotte FC, Charlotte Crown FC, Charlotte Fortune FC, Charlotte Monarchs FC, Charlotte Athletic FC, Charlotte Town FC, Carolina Gliders FC and All Carolina FC.

  8. Charlotte's name announcement has been pushed back again:



    Charlotte’s Major League Soccer team name, colors and logo were expected to be released this month, but the team is now pushing back that announcement, according to a source with direct knowledge of the decision.


    “With everything going on in the world, we feel like it’s not the right time,” the source said, adding that the announcement is still coming “soon.”


    “Hopefully next month,” the source said, citing the timing of the coronavirus pandemic and nationwide protests as reasons why Charlotte MLS has not yet dropped its official team name and colors.


  9. Charlotte's MLS franchise will likely announce their name next month:



    MLS Charlotte is now targeting sometime in June to announce its name, colors and brand, according to Tepper Sports & Entertainment President Tom Glick. He declined to disclose a date or a window for when an announcement could come. “This is a very important moment in the formation of our new club for the city and for the region,” Glick said. “We’ve been monitoring and thinking about when the right time to introduce it would be. What’s clear to us right now is not only is there a hunger for the return of sport and watching sport, there’s a hunger and anticipation for this moment for this new club.”


    Glick said Charlotte previously planned a launch for late March but decided to shelve those plans, as first reported by THE DAILY. At the time, Charlotte FC was seen as the front-runner for the team’s name. It’s unclear if that remains true. Glick, also the current president of the NFL Panthers, said Charlotte has had agencies assisting in the branding process, but declined to mention any specifically. "We think that we have arrived at something that people in Charlotte and the Carolinas will really take to," Glick said. The club is slated to begin play in '21.


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