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  1. I've resigned myself that they'll pick a Carolina name to try to encompass the whole region à la the Panthers, but I'd insist on Charlotte if I'm the city and I'm giving a multibillionaire lots and lots of money to make this happen. That being said, if the idea is that the team would represent both Carolinas, Carolina United (Carolinas United?) would be one of the better applications of the "United" moniker in MLS.
  2. The Liberty are now the sister organization of the Nets under the ownership of Joseph Tsai. I love their green too, and I hope they don't mess with their look too much when they move to Brooklyn. As for the Knicks, they could have a really nice look if they built off of their alternate logo, but the primary logo, like their fanbase, is stuck in the 90s .
  3. The New York Liberty are moving from Westchester to Barclays Center, but will not change their name:
  4. EDIT: Didn't realize this was already being discussed in the general North American soccer thread David Tepper met with the Charlotte city council yesterday, and it's unclear whether he asked for a standalone SSS or for upgrades to BofA Stadium to allow it to host an MLS franchise.
  5. I love it so far, I'm really curious to see how it looks on TV and in person. The Barclays Center text looks a lot better here than in 2k20, and the weathered look is really nice: I just wish they were using this as the basis for their city or icon uniforms. I get that the Biggie look was a big seller last year and the design was well-executed, but something about honoring a local pop culture icon with a uniform still feels a little "minor league baseball promo night" to me.
  6. Subway-themed teaser seemingly confirms the new Nets court: Based on this campaign the MTA uses to promote "improvements" to the system:
  7. I saw this in my in-laws' magazine basket a few years ago and I think about it every time his name comes up:
  8. I wonder if it's meant to evoke the bullet icons for the subway lines? Maybe it's assigning it to the Icon/Association because the City hasn't been released yet? I feel like this is going to get officially announced in a Zach Lowe piece.
  9. Aesthetics aside, it bothers me that the C is emphasized and not the N. Unless it's the main, central campus (i.e. UNC, tOSU), schools that are part of a statewide university system usually (and, in my opinion, should) emphasize their city in their athletic identities, not the state name.
  10. I really hope this is a preview of a subway-inspired City edition.
  11. The New York Post is reporting that Alibaba co-founder Joseph Tsai will buy out Mikhail Prokhorov's remaining 51% of the Brooklyn Nets, making his total investment in the team a US record-breaking $2.35 billion. The Prokhorov era was pretty memorable. He pretty much saved the Brooklyn move by taking over from the flailing Bruce Ratner, but his desire to make an early splash in the city resulted in the infamous Celtics trade. To his credit, he learned from it and installed a highly competent management team that clawed back from rock bottom with smart acquisitions and good player development, leading up to this summer's big Durant and Irving signings. Hopefully Tsai will keep things running the way they have been over the last few years.
  12. Not real-life news, but 2k20 will have all-decade teams wearing uniforms inspired by All-Star teams from their respective decades: As best as I can tell, these are the uniforms corresponding to each one: 80s: '86-'92 90s: '96 unis, with the '93 star 00s: '06 10s: '12
  13. With Juventus, Boca Juniors, and River Plate signing exclusive deals with Pro Evolution Soccer, EA Sports has come up with fake teams to put their players on. Piemonte Calcio (aka Juventus): Boca Juniors (aka Buenos Aires) and River Plate (aka Nuñez):
  14. The Bklyn abbreviation is pretty widespread (not just in my avatar). Our public library even uses it in their logo:
  15. The NBA released more information about their soon-to-launch Basketball Africa League, including info on the uniforms: https://www.nba.com/article/2019/07/30/basketball-africa-league-host-cities-inaugural-season-official-release It's not really clear if they're going to pull in existing club teams or create new ones, and the way the release reads to me is that it's going to be more of a barnstorming format like the BIG3 rather than city-based teams playing home and road games.
  16. This probably doesn't bode well for MLB to Charlotte either: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/07/31/panthers-owner-wants-retractable-roof-stadium-in-next-10-years/
  17. And now the kit sponsor has a video: It seems like the Panthers people are really just manufacturing the appearance of momentum (and as @DG_Now points out, inevitability) out of nowhere, and it might be working?
  18. Tepper is meeting with MLS next week to make his pitch. The whole article is pretty comprehensive and worth a read, but this is what I thought was interesting: They are explicitly pushing an identity as a Carolina team, not a Charlotte team They think they can draw between 40k and 60k fans per game (!!!) Playing at BoA in “a more intimate soccer configuration to create an exciting game-day atmosphere for MLS home matches” and developing the area around it more Aiming for the Atlanta/Seattle stratosphere in terms of attendance is, uh, ambitious. And I'm curious to see more details on how they would retrofit the stadium - I can't think of an example of a decades-old, football-only stadium being converted into a true dual-use football/soccer facility.
  19. I've noticed that the Carolina Panthers seem to have completely memoryholed their original logo and Hulkamania wordmark, at least in terms of merchandising. Until recently, they didn't have a page on the Mitchell & Ness online store, and the "retro" section of their Fanatics store just features their current identity stylized onto vintagesque t-shirt designs.
  20. Woj just updated that the Nets will get a first-rounder: It also seems to bolster their reputation of doing right by players and their agents. The shock is wearing off and I'm getting more and more excited about this. It was a little bittersweet at first - it's the end of the lovable, scrappy underdog team I've enjoyed watching over the last few years, and Kyrie's personality and KD's achilles are both huge red flags, but I'm coming around to all of it being a worthwhile risk to take with the title potentially up for grabs for the next few seasons. We gave up a young all-star, but we didn't mortgage our future the way we did in the Celtics trade, and I don't think D'Angelo's ceiling is anywhere close to Kyrie's current level.
  21. Logo and name announced for the Hornets' 2K League team:
  22. It seems like Seattle might have some kind of deal with OKC to retain their identity and history. And perhaps we can all agree that the their approach to "sharing" their history, as described in that article, is completely effed. Like, what would that even look like if the Sonics come back?
  23. I should clarify that I also think records should also reside with the team's lineage, and not the franchise's. I don't think George Shinn's scumbaggery should determine who the Charlotte Hornets' all-time leading scorer is - it should be the guy who scored the most points as Charlotte Hornet, regardless of which iteration of the team it was. It's part of the team culture that should belong to the fans, not the rich guy who owns the team.
  24. I don't see it as ahistorical to separate the history of the team (players, culture, memories, records, identity) from the history of the franchise (the business entity). The franchise is fundamentally a license from the league to own a team. Art Modell used his license to own the Cleveland Browns team, then he used it to own the Baltimore Ravens, and someone else bought a license and used it to own the Cleveland Browns. The history and culture of the team stayed with the city and the fans who valued it instead of being grafted to a city and fanbase that had no connection to it. This isn't defacing history; it's keeping it where it's relevant.
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