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  1. Well, that's about as much gold as it's gonna get without completely losing the connection to the football jersey. I'm not making mismatched jersey/shorts combinations as I'm not a big fan of that look and you rarely see that in the NBA (the only teams I can think of that do that at all, correct me if I'm wrong, are the Pacers' Hoosiers set and I think the Hawks had one). _____________________________________________ Next up is the NFC North! The first team (alphabetical order by city) is the Chicago Bears. I wanted to keep this one true to the football jerseys as much as possible with the striping and the GSH lettering. For the third, I figured I'd go a little bit outside the box with the subliminated bear on the back a-la UCONN's home jersey. Chicago Bears:
  2. Last up for the NFC West is the Arizona Cardinals. I based this set off of their 2005 sets since they had a more interesting side stripe that I could incorporate easily into a basketball jersey. Arizona Cardinals: Next up: NFC North
  3. Ok, I edited the 49ers set to add more gold to the away jersey. Let me know what you guys think. San Francisco 49ers v.2: Also, next up is the LA Rams. I decided to go back to their royal blue/gold colors since, let's face it, it's 1000x better than their current colors. On the home jersey, I made the sleeves/collar gold instead of blue because if I bad made them blue, the set would've been only white/blue unless I made the logo/name/number gold, which probably wouldn't have looked too great on white. The 3rd jersey is based off of their current colors. Hope you guys like 'em! Los Angeles Rams:
  4. Haha, I hear you. I just figured if I DIDN'T do it, someone would've said "you should've made an alternate based on their color rush set."
  5. Next up is the San Francisco 49ers. I tried to keep these simple, since the 49ers football jerseys are pretty simple in their own right. Alternate is based on the Color Rush jerseys, even though they are pretty much BFBS, lol. San Francisco 49ers:
  6. The statement was true when this was originally posted 2 years ago. ?
  7. Next up, I decided to go with the NFC West, just because I was looking forward to doing the collar pattern for the Seahawks. So here's the first team from the NFC West: Seattle Seahawks: I wanted to pay homage to the Sonics with the third jersey. Hope you guys like it!
  8. Sorry, I wasn't getting any replies, so I already started on the NFC West. I'll do North next.
  9. Hey, guys! I know it's been quite a while (nearly 2 years!), but I'm back and I'm continuing where I left off! So without further adieu, here's the final 3 teams for the AFC East: Miami Dolphins: New York Jets: New England Patriots: Hope you guys like them! Any suggestions for which conference I should do next?
  10. Nice series! I've done a few crossover series in the past (I haven't been on the boards in a LONG time, but you can see the links in my signature). Just a tip, the left side of the helmet on the Flyers has the logo backwards. It's a P, so it shouldn't flip.
  11. Is there a reason they all use the same number font?
  12. Just stop, man. Everything you comment is "wow this is awesome!" followed by "insert request here." Just stop. It's borderline spam. As for the topic itself, they're great, but a little large if you're using them as signatures.
  13. Haha! Thanks! Yeah they are kinda plain Jane, but I think I did a decent job.