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  1. What would you guys think about the colors? I might go for a different yellow completely as it does look very mcdonalds theme?
  2. It was an accident sorry! Tried to start new topic an it said it didn't work
  3. Here is a photoshop chiefs concept
  4. Hey Guys, Timmy here again. After testing the market with some lousy concepts, I have used photo shop to start new concepts. This will be my first one, it is a chiefs concept. Yellow jersey. I was going for a classic look, but i found it just looked bland and boring so I have added side colors! And please no coments on "McDonald's All american Team"!
  5. I thought this was pretty cool looking! Sorry again for Roughness! I think it would have to be a preseaon type thing! I am a sucker for white helmets!
  6. Thanks everyone! My next concept will be from PhotoShop, so be ready to be wowed, I am gonna start a new topic! But one last question, What would be a good team to start with?
  7. Okay, So I took your guys' advice and I went to Paint Users Paradise and now I am using the Nike Pro Combat template. I got started with a chiefs one, but I need some ideas on striping and piping! I tried using a cartoonic indian logo as I think that is the next way to go!
  8. Thank you for the Ideas! I am not really going for a perfect look, just to get ideas out there. I know its not great quality to re-use chris's uni's. I will try to improve them! When I say ugly its more that I thought they would look cool, but I've seen them be unpopular! I will try to improve quality and make them more original!
  10. Hey there everyone! I am very new to making concepts. I am using paint most of the time because I am not too skilled! I mostly just change colors around for my concepts, but sometimes it can result in something amazing! So first I have a New Orleans Saints Uni. It would be away and kind of a one time thing!
  11. Can someone do a fancier version of this?
  12. UGH I can not get my photo to upload
  13. Back to the saints, I have done a few ROUGH concepts on their uni's and I only came up with one REALLY GOOD looking uni. I had a white helmet with the normal logo and White jersey with black pants/socks! I can post it later, but I thought you could make it look better!