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  1. Lots of good stuff here, everyone. Some of these were really tough to decide between, and some of my absolute favorites are paired against one another, but here are my winners: Egypt Australia Serbia Panama Saudi Arabia France Mexico Senegal
  2. Hello @SFGiants58. What a wonderful series. I have been following your thread and checking in every week or so; I just haven't been commenting. The amount of work you put into this is obviously tremendous. Enjoy your well-earned break. Thanks for the compliment (and also to you, @coco1997). This series has made me want to jump back in and do some designing. I have an idea for an ambitious project, but I'm not sure when (or if) I will have the time for it, as life has gotten quite a bit busier since I was able to do my Combination of Eras series. Once again, let me commend you for such a thorough and complete series. All the best, David
  3. It is tbdaniel15's baseball template. I found it years ago on here...I'm not sure if it is still floating around here.
  4. It's been a while since I have come back to this site, but I was really glad to see some of your updates here. I especially like the new hat logo. I also tried to use the Colorado flag C (and gave the sun seams) in my MLB series, but I was always concerned that the C from the flag was too close to the Cubs' hats. I have thought about redoing the concept with a slab serif C but hadn't gotten around to it. And you showed exactly how to do it: the slab-serif top clearly differentiates it from the Cubs and cutting the bottom to match the mountains is great. Fantastic work, and I look forward to your upcoming project.
  5. I tried thickening up the logo and really think it is an improvement. I also made the flame circular based instead of rounded-rectangle based. Do you prefer the double outline or the single outline? @bucknut42, here is the phoenix logo without the drops. I do think it is an improvement.
  6. That's an idea I hadn't really considered. I'm not sure I completely understand what you are suggesting when you say the "SC could be shown in the wrap that is lit," though.
  7. I think I misunderstood you; I am planning on setting Pantone colors for the project before I was finished. I was talking more about garment colors, etc.
  8. I've tried messing with that and haven't found anything that I like yet. Currently, I am exploring thickening up the SC to get rid of most or all of the negative space. I'll continue to explore this idea, though. Thanks. Duly noted. I'm not fully convinced I like them either. I was referring to actual garment color, but in my experience Pantone doesn't always work perfectly with the small t-shirt and apparel guys. When I expressed interest in locking in Pantone colors with my redesign for the school I currently teach at, our local t-shirt guy said he could get his Pantone swatch book out and we "could get something close to that." I'm not saying that our guy is good (I've had quite a few frustrations with him), but this can be the reality for small schools with very little budget. As I said in my explanation, any shape that I would pick would be cleaned up and given the pointed strokes. I have to create them individually to do that, though, so I wanted to get the look I wanted for one but didn't take the time to give them all the pointed strokes. Do you like the shape/readability of 3 best? Thanks for the feedback.
  9. They only want to add orange, and I have learned that fewer colors for high schools are preferable due to expense and difficulty in matching colors across different clothing companies, etc. Finding a good yellow-orange that could be used across multiple applications would be almost impossible with their budget. But, adding yellow-orange could be a fun for a concept. Do you have a preference between the three different logos? Thanks for the encouragement with the phoenix/firebird. I have spent a lot of time getting it to where it currently is. Yes, I have envisioned adding sport specific lines at times (for basketball/volleyball warmup shirts, etc.), but I'm glad to hear you think I would be a good idea too.
  10. ^ I don't believe so. I like the black and white. It would frequently be used on a red background. The red head striping you tried in your earlier version never looked right to me. I guess you could add a red outline if you'd like, but I don't really like the idea of a triple outline.
  11. Exactly what I was going to say. Good job, just clean up the sword blade on the secondary logo.
  12. I am working on an athletic logo and branding for my high school alma mater. The school asked me to come up with a new logo (or logos) for the sports teams; in the past they have used the school's academic logo for the sports teams. It has an odd gradient, so it is really difficult to reproduce on clothing (and the students don't like it so they tend to not wear any school gear). The school has always been blue and white, but the principal and athletic director want to add orange as a new color. Their mascot is the flames, and their initials are SCS (or just SC), so I am trying to work an SC(S) into a flame design. Now I would like some feedback. Which of these options does the best to make both the flame and the SC most recognizable (or is the entire idea not working)? Please note: These are still somewhat rough; I skewed and rotated them. After I pick a final design, I will go back through and rework some curves, reapply the outlines, and add the sharper outlines on the top and bottom of the flame like what is shown in #3. So please don't base your opinion of which logo is best to which one is currently cleanest; please let me know which one has the shape that best shows a flame and an SC concurrently. I know the differences are subtle, so I also made a gif that helps see the differences. I also wanted to come up with an idea that was a bit more adventurous and stretched the idea of the name Flames. I proposed working on a phoenix-bursting-into-flames logo, and somewhat surprisingly to me, the AD and principal both liked the idea. I think I am almost finished with it and thought I would share it here. I'd be happy for C&C on it as well.
  13. I have not. I guess I don't think I could get in touch with them; or even if I could, I don't think it would make any difference. I don't imagine that Chinese companies that create items like this have much of a customer service department.
  14. I'm sorry if this is considered uncalled-for bumping of a thread, but I thought some of you might enjoy an update. The other day @TVIXX messaged me and let me know that website called dhgate.com that has versions of my Brewers design for sale. It is a site that seems to sell knockoff jerseys. I did some searching and also found some of my Phillies, Marlins, and Rangers concepts available for purchase as well. If you would like to see them, you can check them out here: LINK. They have all four of my Brewers and Phillies concepts (although they are using my cream instead of white for the Brewers, the red Rangers jersey, and the teal and yellow Marlins jerseys. Of all Marlins concepts, they chose the yellow? That made me laugh. They are listing them as "new design throwbacks," however that works. I then checked aliexpress.com and found my Phillies (all four) and Marlins (again, teal and yellow) concepts available for sale. My personal favorite is this image: I really like that they took my design without my knowledge, but if I use this picture "unauthorizedly," I could have to deal with the "relevant consequences!" I doubt if they would like to get into a legal battle with MLB over legitimate use of logos and images. Anyhow, thanks to @TVIXX for making me aware of that some of my designs are being produced in China. If anyone finds any other of my designs being sold, I'd really like to know it.
  15. love your work. i was wondering if you did anything other than pro sports?  i would love to see what you could do with my sons travel team - http://www.texasstix.com/

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