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  1. Isn't this exactly what the purpose of this website is?
  2. Well you see the difference there is the Angels are not a major league team
  3. Storytime. Real storytime. I worked with Jay Jackson on making the uniforms for a while, and in fact got done up to 2015 with the Phillies, A's, and Giants when communications sort of went silent. I went into my senior year at college while his life was getting busy as well. Last I heard he'd recruited a few others to work on the project, but it all seems to have fallen flat unfortunately. As far as I know Jay wants to continue the database one day, but that day is not now.
  4. I understand that it looked like a bit of a mess, but the Phillies DID indeed get their sleeve, sock, pinstripe, AND helmet color right. Up until, I believe, 1984 the team had RED pins and sleeves/socks/helmets with the maroon jerseys. Even the P's and numbers were red until the mid 70s. So yes, the red helmets and socks and sleeves were accurate. And yes, they should have worn zippered jerseys, not buttons. I feel like that's more on Majestic, but whatever. And double yes, the Phillies were messy with their colors back then.
  5. The powder blues are great and all, but I like the short-lived grey jerseys about 10x more.
  6. That was my biggest fear about these new jerseys. Might not look terrible in-game (Besides the side panels), but that's going to look terrible as fan apparel. Glad I got to stock up on some old-style authentics before this monstrosity happened.
  7. Looks like a bird pooped on their jersey
  8. If they put the scales into the piping, like this old jersey I'd be ok with it.
  9. So, alts would be okay in the Wildcard Game, the Division Series, and the World Series, but not the LCS? Why single out the LCS? What he's saying is that he wants to ban alts starting in the LCS, but he can compromise on a no-alt rule in just the World Series that is what im going for. so Wild Card: Yup Division: yup Championship: Nope(If argued, I could accept it however) World Series: Never I hate teams wearing alts in the postseason, but especially when going for a league championship and for the championship for the best team in baseball I've always thought it would be nice if, in the later playoff rounds especially (LCS and WS), teams would choose their road look and home look - whether it's an alternate or not. So say, Cubs can choose to wear blue on the road for the LCS, and white and home.Or, say, the Pirates could choose to wear black for both. Of course, if the home team decides to wear a similar color, like the Mets are doing to the Cubs now, then the road team would have to go with its grey look.
  10. How about old White Sox things? Like the hat logos and so on from the 50s and 60s.
  11. Man, I think the Rays are the best one yet, really. I think you did a perfect job of combining all their looks, and I'm all about that gradient logo as an official wordmark - nothing on any jerseys though.
  12. Wow, I never thought I'd ever see a Royals drop shadow that I'd like. Kind of reminds me of the Giants, but that's good! Awesome
  13. Only suggestion I have would be to work in the 60s vest (and 00s) that they used with that "C" jersey. Simply cut off the sleeves. But I must say I'm at least partially disappointed that you didn't go for the complete headdress.
  14. I was thinking it would appear on a cap. Busyness is a potential concern, but I think cleaning up the headdress should help. I think those two look a little awkward, but that's just me. I prefer the block C with the headdress, especially if you added a stroke to the C. As for the scripts, I don't think it would clash at all if you used the block C with the "caveman" scripts, home or away. Think of the Dodgers, their Los Angeles script isn't block like their hat.
  15. Same. The old one felt "flat" to me. I think if they had added a white outline to it they could've perfected it, but when they did works as well. Here's one. I love this jersey It's unique, it looks way better than their purple jersey, the double outline on the numbers work well, and I love the black undershirt. My only complaint is that it, like all other modern vest jerseys, it isn't a vest at all, rather a jersey with the sleeves cut off.
  16. Wow, risky, but I love it! My only complaint is a) that white paneled hat honestly looks terrible to me, I think you should do a little, well, less "out there" for it. For this project of "combining the eras," put a little red in there. It'd work great!
  17. I think for this project with combining all elements, the first one works best because of the beveling. However, the best LOOKING is the second in my opinion. Really love that logo though.
  18. I really like everything about the M's here. Maybe just add the old late 80s S logo as a cap logo.
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