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  1. Isn't this exactly what the purpose of this website is?
  2. Well you see the difference there is the Angels are not a major league team
  3. Storytime. Real storytime. I worked with Jay Jackson on making the uniforms for a while, and in fact got done up to 2015 with the Phillies, A's, and Giants when communications sort of went silent. I went into my senior year at college while his life was getting busy as well. Last I heard he'd recruited a few others to work on the project, but it all seems to have fallen flat unfortunately. As far as I know Jay wants to continue the database one day, but that day is not now.
  4. Phillies have always been pretty cut and dry about what jerseys they wear and when. Only in the past couple of years have they worn their standard pins for Opening Day, even.
  5. I understand that it looked like a bit of a mess, but the Phillies DID indeed get their sleeve, sock, pinstripe, AND helmet color right. Up until, I believe, 1984 the team had RED pins and sleeves/socks/helmets with the maroon jerseys. Even the P's and numbers were red until the mid 70s. So yes, the red helmets and socks and sleeves were accurate. And yes, they should have worn zippered jerseys, not buttons. I feel like that's more on Majestic, but whatever. And double yes, the Phillies were messy with their colors back then.
  6. So LED lighting + Flex Base = French Vanilla ice cream color. Wonderful. Didn't know they all switched their lights though, so it makes perfect sense. Thanks everyone.
  7. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed a few teams' home jerseys look cream this year? I'm specifically talking about the Padres, Mariners, and to a lesser extent the Astros. Maybe it's just the lighting against the new materials, or maybe it's on purpose. Anyone else? Here's a comparison for the M's. Couldn't find any good action shots for the Padres, whom I really notice it on. Shows up well in game footage. 2016 2015:
  8. The powder blues are great and all, but I like the short-lived grey jerseys about 10x more.
  9. That was my biggest fear about these new jerseys. Might not look terrible in-game (Besides the side panels), but that's going to look terrible as fan apparel. Glad I got to stock up on some old-style authentics before this monstrosity happened.
  10. MLB: Best current main cap: A's standard green & gold. Perfect color balance between the brim, crown, and logo. Best current white set: Cardinals Best current grey set: Mets Best current color set: With white pants: A's gold With grey pants - Blue Jays Best current non-color alternate: Mariners cream (I hope they bring it back next year) Worst current main cap: Indians, unfortunately Worst current white set: Diamondbacks - not sure what they're doing Worst current grey set: Diamondbacks again Worst current color set: Padres camo...or anyone's camo Worst current non-color alternate:Braves
  11. That's unfortunately what happens a lot with throwback jerseys. Hopefully they fix it if you provide them with pictures, but otherwise lesson learned. Always looks at the numbers carefully in the picture they have on the site. Good luck.
  12. Looks like a bird pooped on their jersey
  13. Made a pretty good concept look like a chicken head
  14. Why's he wearing a Cleveland Indians logo on his jersey? *ducks*
  15. I actually love the sublimation, but hate how it's done. It's great on the sleeves, decent on the backs, awful on the hats and pants. It'd be great if, on the sleeves, they did a fade from white at the shoulders to red at the sleeve ends. Sublimation maybe would work a lot better if it was done on the stroke on the hat logo. Maybe put sublimation only in the striping on the pants (And make the striping full length). I like that they took a risk, it's good for a young team which is undergoing a remodel into a winning team. But they swung and missed.
  16. These are amazing! This is the route the NFL should go, instead of the cartoony nonsense they've got going on now.
  17. If they put the scales into the piping, like this old jersey I'd be ok with it.
  18. That looks like last year. The Mets don't wear cream any more, so it'd be more like this: It's incredible how similar those two pictures are