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  1. I find this card funny, as Nolan Ryan and Rod Carew are more well know for works on other teams.
  2. 2017 was a watershed year for "Players getting traded half-way through their rookie season"
  3. Agree, I think if they used a color scheme that wasn't black and white, it would be a good uniform.
  4. TO me the Stripe kills the look. It would be amazing look if the stripe wasn't there.
  5. Surprised the Mahonig Valley Scrappers aren't mentioned here. They are from the Single A NYPL and I feel they'd be better off using the city name they are located in. (Youngstown) Also Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs of the AAA IL.
  6. I think for the most part the entire FSL up untill recently could fit here. Also the Appalachian League
  7. I think we know who this is, but I don't know ho many associate this guy with the Padres EDIT: Here's another player that moved around in 2015
  8. Weirdly I always associate Yaz with Red Batting Helmets.
  9. I mean aside from the Pelicans and the Emeralds the other three do have Cubs colors or nickname though.
  10. In honesty I dont like this more due to the lack of red in the design then the design itself.
  11. Aside from the Pelicans I believe all Cubs Affiliaes have some tie to the Red and Blue
  12. As a Brewers fan, this one is weird. Brewers Legends Prince Fielder colliding with another former Brewers player Mike Moustakis (Granted Moustakis is in his correct uniform)
  13. Don't forget, David Ortiz was in the Mariners system in the mid 90s.
  14. Long Time Steelers Guard Tunch Ilkin played his last couple seasons with the Packers
  15. True, but I also realize how Cynical I sounded, though I would agree Durham Bulls are perfectly fine.
  16. I'd say both given how Dallas can't even decide between the two. I love this idea though. Keep it up
  17. On the flipside MLB would likely go to Charlotte first
  18. I always associate Dale Murphy with the Blue/White Braves uniforms Not thees.