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  1. 46 minutes ago, dont care said:

    Can’t really say he has a wrong uniform when he does not even have a right one.

    His biggest impact on the game was as a Bills player so I'd say thats his right one.



    are we already at the point where we could say this is a wrong uniform?




  2. 2 hours ago, QueenCitySwarm said:

    Real Salt Lake is the dumbest name in sports. Ever. 

    Sporting Kansas City is the second dumbest name in sports.


    So what if I told you most MLS nicknames are knockoffs of European Teams?


    Then again Real with would work better in a city named in Spanish.


    I was doing some digging looking for pictures of the Wrigley Field in LA when I cam across this site - https://waterandpower.org/museum/Baseball_in_Early_LA_Page_1.html


    While there I found some rather interesting pictures of the 1950 Hollywood Stars and their rather unique uniforms. This was quite a long time before the White Sox did the same thing and I thought site might like to see this.



    The Stars had the dubious distinction of being the first team to replace the traditional bloused baseball trousers and stirrup socks with shorts and long socks in 1950. The theory was that players could run faster in this gear than in the baggy wool or cotton flannel uniforms of the day. The new uniforms resembling those worn by female softball players were "too Hollywood" even for Hollywood, as well as being very tough on the legs when sliding. They were soon replaced.



    (1950)* - Here, after hitting a home run, Frank Kelleher gets a congratulatory handshake from Herb Gorman. The stylish but impractical shorts lasted only a few seasons.



    (1950)* - Buddy Hicks, Hollywood, is nipped at first in a close play in yesterday's first game as the Stars beat San Diego in a double header. Jack Graham is the Padre first sacker.



    (1950)*^* - Jim Baxes batting during Hollywood Stars vs. San Francisco Seals game.