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  1. This logo used by UW-Eau Claire has to be high up there. It's not just the football team either. Look through their flickr page, it's full of variations of the logo too - https://www.flickr.com/photos/uwecblugolds/
  2. I also think Oregon State before Ohio State when I flip to the game. Maybe they lose and curse these uniforms.Roryfan posted these in the concept forum and is exactly what they needed to do. Was it too obvious? If you want to do black -- fine -- but do it right. Same issue as with the SF 49'ers ... If you have to have a black jersey, you should at least incorporate other traditional uniform elements to retain the branding of the team. That's a nice design by Roryfan.Georgia does it right when they do it: Not really, might work if they had the black facemasks, but that set right there is textbook BFBS.
  3. UW-Eau Claire has new helmets this year, I swear they aren't photoshopped.
  4. Neyland Stadium in Knoxville sounds like the stadium for you. It's pretty gigantic on the outside. Here's a pic I took a couple days ago driving by Neyland. Honestly the stadiums kind of boring IMO, even with the recent upgrades. Also it's surrounded by tallish buildings, so you can't really get a good look at it untill you're right up on it.
  5. UW-Eau Claire played in these beauties last week.
  6. ARIZONA - By far my favorite, one minor tweek is needed IMO, change the numbers from red to white on the Home uniform. COLORADO - I like the overall design, but I would swap out the silver on the home uniform for Gold and use the black helmet for the away. WASHINGTON - It's a good start, but it just feels pretty bland in my opinion. I think using a modern rounded font and not adding on might be an issue. even adding a small stripe on the shoulders orsome form of piping could liven it up a bit I do overall like this set though! If I had to rate it, i'd give it a 7.5/10
  7. Ha! To be fair, I called it "Visually Ugliest" cause I was looking more for stadiums that are eysores (Like Knoxville's Civic Auditorium) rather then poorly designed (Like the interior of the Barclay's Center) Maybe I should titled this, "Which stadium has the ugliest exterior" as opposed to "Visually Ugliest".
  8. So driving back and forth to work, I pass by the Knoxville Civic Auditorium, home of the Minor League Hockey Knoxville Ice Bears. This building is U-G-L-Y ugly. It was built in 1961 and looked out of date as soon as 1967. It's concrete monstrosity that the picture I am about to show does not do justice too. The building is not that bad from a structural design standpoint what makes it ugly is the awful patterned concrete on the exterior that has not aged well (both physically, and visually). While that photo really doesn't do the tackyness justice, this Street View probably will What in your guys opinion is the ugliest stadium?
  9. Tennessee looks awful. The jersey I could do without but I absolutely love that helmet -- it might be my favorite. I guess without the matching jerseys the helmet doesn't really have a place, though. The helmet looks a lot shinier than the promo pics portrayed. Also you couldn't clearly see the "layers" on the TV. ALthough I suspect that's actually intentional and is referencing the the thick smog that tends to hover around the smokies s/
  10. Anyone got a closer looks at the WMU/CMU game? Looks like brushed Chrome Gold on WMU and stripes on the CMU helmet.
  11. As bad as those Uniforms are, they're not as bad as the first time they played with them.
  12. Cedar Creek was added to that list ironically right?
  13. Ironically he made quite possibly the most Adidas uniform possible (Even more so with that helmet at the bottom)
  14. 1991 actually, 1990 Rusty and Miller were teamed up with Raymond Beadle.
  15. At least the didn't photoshop his arm off this time.
  16. Arizona State's Uniforms for this week. Looks pretty tame for Adi...... *Sees Adizero on shoes and gloves* WTF Adidas, WTF
  17. there's a new team in NASCAR called "Skull Crusher Motorsports", Andy Lally will drive.
  18. A visually Appealing match up in DIII between Carnigie-Mellon and former NAIA powerhouse, Westminster
  19. So we're not gonna comment on the botched photoshop here?
  20. If I good remember at that time you need permission for any number above 50. I think it's 55. I remember reading somewhere, that Ref's when they called out penelties, used there hands to call out the numbers, thus players couldn't have numbers bigger then 5. The NBA stopped this a while back, but NCAA I think still uses this rule.
  21. I would love to find the Font for the JETS wordmark.
  22. I like both of these. Couple of Food Stores I like. Another Local one that I like.
  23. I love the Florida Fresno State, UNLV, and Tulsa helmets. Ont he other hand, I am not a fan of the oversized NMSU or USU Helmets. Something just looks off with them.
  24. Actually this got posted on reddit, so I thought it had SOME traction.