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  1. *sigh* another team goes CFCS http://www.shakinthesouthland.com/2015/9/29/9421107/clemson-to-have-special-helmets-for-notre-dame-game
  2. D3 Wooster has a new Yellower look, also notice the words on the pants.
  3. I second this motion, I am looking for a PSD of this template too.
  4. After a while, Nike allows other teams to use the same template. Ohio Northern doesn't have Nike though. I believe they have Wilson. Apparently so.
  5. Here's Oklahoma State.......err.......Ohio Northern GFGS uni's Here I thought the V-Notch on the shoulders was an Okie State exclusive.
  6. Powell (TN) Panthers Clinton (TN) Dragons and Jacksboro (TN) Campbell County Cougars Knoxville Central Bobcats and Knoxville Carter Hornets Clinton (TN) Anderson County Mavericks Knoxville Grace Christian Rams Seveirville (TN) Seveir County Smokey Bears
  7. Amazing color scheme for San Antonio man! By the way, what template are you using.
  8. As well received as this uniform has been, I just am not a fan of it. The white looks really forced. I would say add some more gold on there and it would look a lot better, maybe have a pants stripe with gold and black.
  9. Hey man, Another Knoxvillian here. I was just coming here to make a comment about Bearden actually having a helmet logo for the first time in ages. They used to run what best can be described as a Bama style outfit with MSU Colors.
  10. anyone else watching the 'Hawks Packers game notice the difference in the shade of blue on the player names of the Seahawks? looked more like a 0,0,255 shade of blue when compared to the rest of the uniform.
  11. Although to be fair, that Chick-Fil-A patch is way to big IMO.
  12. I don't think that's the wrong uniforms for Gretzky. Those kings unis were called the Gretzky era uniforms. Now Gretzky in a blues uniform, THATwas wrong. What about in a Rangers uni, that was even worse ! Atleast he could have come home to Canada in his twilight years, the elephant graveyard known as Toronto would have been more fitting, Greatz as a Ranger was a lame joke, trying desperately for one last ring, but the bulk of the Olier mercenaries were gone Gretzky in the wrong L.A. uniform. Shouldn't he be with Keanu Reeves?
  13. Bosten college are the eaglesI assume he meant Boston University
  14. 2006 - Tony Raines DLP/Dallas Cowboys (Staubach and Aikman had a controlling interest in the #96 team.) 2001 Elton Sawyer Starter Ford
  15. The USF/Maryland game is a match-up of bad helmets and good uniforms.
  16. I figure since they made the change so late in the off season they just didn't have time to get a full order in.
  17. "Every Day Should be Saturday" has an amazing piece poking fun at Lousiville's jersey's http://www.everydayshouldbesaturday.com/2015/9/18/9353109/dont-make-fun-of-louisville-for-being-brave Here's some highlights.
  18. Northwestern has a new helmet for the Brainiac Bowl vs Duke http://www.insidenu.com/2015/9/17/9350415/new-northwestern-football-helmets-2015-duke-white-wildcat-logo
  19. nice, reminds me of Boise State a bit, with the gratuitous amounts of blue plus similar looking logo.
  20. Winston-Salem State has a very similar concept on their helmet.
  21. that's the Photoshop noise filter helmet I'm actually surprised more teams haven't experimented with using the noise filter on their helmets.
  22. Giant Baltimore Bowl Played at M&T Bank Stadium, and sponsored by Giant Supermarkets, the Baltimore bow show cases teams from the SWAC and the Metro Conference. The candidates for this years edition are the Vermont Catamounts and the Southern Jaguars. Though both teams seem miles apart both distance wise and culturally, the teams both had very similar seasons. Vermont started off with a 2-2 with both losses to conference foes Maine and New Hampshire, before finishing the season 7-1 with the only loss a week five contest against the Naval Academy. Souther started off with a win against UL-Monroe in the Clorox Cajun Kickoff classic (A week one game in New Orleans that pits two Lousiana teams.) before dropping three in a row against the like of Florida A&M (21-6), Tennessee State (31-23) and McNeese State (45-20). Southern Proceeded to go 7-1 with a loss to eventual conference champion Alcorn State being the only blemish. A win against rival Grambling sealed the deal and gave them not only a birth in the Baltimore Bowl, but also knocked Grambling from bowl contention. VERMONT SOUTHERN I for the most part enjoyed how this came out, although I am not sure how the piping on Southern looks. If you guys think its ok, then I'll try it n a couple other teams then *cough Richmond cough* What do you guys think? Also it should be noted that Southern is a Russell Athletic school, since the template I'm using only has Adidas, UA and Nike templates, I'm moving them over to UA.
  23. I love Monochrome scheme's in general, I think that would also fit in this thread too.
  24. I like that striping, fits the Arizona theme pretty darn good!
  25. I love the idea of a team using the navy blue and sand color scheme, I just don't think it works with Miami. I think bright vibrant colors such as red, aqua or teal, I think that would work better with Miami then the Navy/Sand combo. That being said, I love that art deco clamshell logo.