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  1. NAME: University of Oregon - Coos Bay Campus (UOBC) LOCATION: Coos Bay, Oregon NICKNAME: Blue Wave CONFERENCE: Golden Pacfic Conference (North Division) FOUNDED: 1963 FIRST SEASON: 1965 PREDICTION 4th North INFO: One of the first two non-California schools in the G-PAC, UOCB is one of the best outdoors schools in the USA with a fantastic Forrestry and Marine Biology schools. The school went into makeover mode for its sports programs when AD Julian Rooney wanted to give the teams a look that would make opponents feel like there were up against a literal blue wave. NAME: University of California Tahoe Campus (UCT) LOCATION: Truckee,CA NICKNAME: Lakers CONFERENCE: Golden Pacific (North) FOUNDED: 1933 FIRST SEASON: 1966 PREDICTION 5th North INFO: There isn't alot to say about UCT, they are almost always a middle of the road team it seems like, although they have had some success in the late 70s when they went 9-2. There uniforms have been the same since forever it seems (there logo is that of a minor league hockey team whose name I forgot) NAME: Coloumbia Christan University (CCU) LOCATION: Gresham, OR NICKNAME: Centurions CONFERENCE: Golden Pacific (North) FOUNDED: 1940 FIRST SEASON: 1950 PREDICTION 6th North INFO: The Other School that joined the Golden Pacific after the fall of the Pacific Forest Conference, CCU has seen better years and is currently in rebuilding. Uniforms are some of the best in the league and the logo is a recolored Albany Conquest logo. NAME: Winnemuca State University (WIN) LOCATION: Winnemuca,NV NICKNAME: Raiders CONFERENCE: Golden Pacific (North) FOUNDED: 1947 FIRST SEASON: 1955 PREDICTION 7th North INFO: Oh Boy, Winnemuca State! This team is to AACA Football as Cal Tech is to NCAA Basketball. It isn't for a lack of trying, WSU Athletics have recently tried to update the look of the team changing from black uni's to orange, in an effort to make players more comfortable.
  2. Thanks for all the tips guys! I will use them in the future I will be posting 3-4 schools at a time Golden Pacific Conference History: The Golden Pacific Conference started of as one of the original AACA Confrences. It had, at its inception, 7 schools from the state of California in the 70s privates schools, Cal Wesleyan and Parker College joined. Expansion happened again in the 80s when Coloumbia Christan and Oregon-Coos Bay joined the conference after the Pacific Forest Conference they were apart of shut down. Expansion continued as several west coast independants joined. they included scrappy Nevada Tech, luckless Winnemuca State and finally, the newcomers on the block Central Arizona. The Conference now has 14 teams and is composed of two divsions. The Championship game is held each year in Sacremento. NAME:University of California Yuba City (UCYC) LOCATION: Yuba City,CA NICKNAME: Golden Terriers CONFERENCE: Golden Pacifc Conference (North Division) FOUNDED: 1925 FIRST SEASON: 1948 PREDICTION: 1st North INFO: Year in and Year out UCYC is one of the teams to beat in not only the GPC, but also in the nation. The Golden Terriers have won 5 championships in the last 12 years. UCYC's uniform has not changed since the early 80s and is regarded as a classic despite it's overly simple appearence and akward yellow shirt. NAME:] California State University at Redding LOCATION:Redding NICKNAME: Falcons[ CONFERENCE: Golden Pacfic Conference (North Division) FOUNDED: 1955 FIRST SEASON: 1962 PREDICTION: 2nd North INFO: Not only a continder for the Division, CSUR also is a contender on a national level, having won the AACA Football title on more then one occasion, most recently in 2005. There uniform is a rather new concotion, whipped up in 2011. Needlessto say it has been derided by fan and alumni alike, and word is there is a change on the horizon. NAME: Nevada Polytechnical University (NTech) LOCATION: Sparks,NV NICKNAME: Coyotes CONFERENCE: Golden Pacific (North Division) FOUNDED: 1970 FIRST SEASON: 1972 PREDICTION: 3rd INFO: Nevers a really Strong team historically, NTech has expirienced a surgein the past few years, and managed a 8-3 record last year. The Coyotes also were know for the lopsided rivalry with their bretheren in Reno (University of Nevada), which tended to favor the Wolfpack. The rivalry stopped in the mid90s when Nevada moved up to D-I. As for the uniforms NTech is know to have some rather conservitive Uniforms, which is saying alot considering how conservitive the AACA is in the first place.
  3. the AACA is a fictional colleget sporting sanction that was started in the mid-60s to provide an alternative to the NCAA and NAIA, All schools are comepletely fictional and do have some backstory. There are 9 conferences so far and counting (This includes 17 independant teams). The conferences are as follows and I will be psoting them in order The Golden Pacific Conference (14 teams / 2 divisions) The Tennessee Valley Conference ( 11 Teams ) The Atlantic and Gulf Conference (15 teams / 2 Divisions ) Eastern Lakes Conference (8 Teams) The Atlantic 8 Conference (9 teams) Independants (17 Teams) Grand West Sports League (7 teams) Metro Lakes Conference (8 teams) Virginialina Conference (7 teams) Plus there's a possibility of more...... Now I do wanan note some things 1.) I am not good at logos, a lot of these schools will use either re-colored logos of other teams or Webdings, or even just text. I will make mention of any logos that are premade. 2.) I'm new to this, so don't expect a lot of flashy designs. I am keeping things within my limit.
  4. I think Wild Card's 1993 set is what you're thinking of. I've gotten a few of these in those "100 Football cards" packs you buy at Target.
  5. So did anyone notice Sal Pallintonio rockin the Mark Hollis look during pre-game? What? I like making obsucre refrences a day late!
  6. I'll give them props for this: They never emphasized Tim Tebow getting cut from the Pats like ESPN did.
  7. Off all the major sports leagues, the current Houston Rocket's logo is the the worst! not only that but there uniforms were a downgrade from those dark blue pinstriped unis'.
  8. What i cam up with is, split the leagues into two divisions (North / South) play them round robin (7 games) plus 3 against the other division, and two "interleague games" meaning that there are a totall of 12 games. Seasons starts on week 4 of the NFL, that gives at least a month to get the NFL "call downs" acclimated with the teams. Games are thursdays or sundays, to avoid conflicts. Top two in each division get to the playoffs
  9. oooh I totally forgot that! I could change it. Hmm i could make a few of the teams I struggled with nicknames on, have the parent teams nickname! I think I'll edit that right now! Also there were a few things I forgot to put in the OP. South Carolina plays there games in Columbia, SC Wisconsin plays there games in Madison, WI Iowa Plays there games in Iowa City West Virginia would likely play in Morgantown (or Huntingdon, WV Not sure what would work better), unless Charleston has a decent sized stadium. Kentucky plays in Lexington, KY Daktoa would play in Fargo,ND New Mexico would play in Albuqureque, NM (SP?) I guess I could swap the Giants and Jets teams.
  10. So in the concepts thread i see a couple of people posting about minor league for the NFl. Unfourtianately I am not Graphically talented enough to do my thing (Yet). I figured i could start a discussion about it. I hope this isn't against any rules by posting this. If I learn Photosjhop better, I'll surely be able to post this in concepts. Anyway My idea would be a two team league with all the western most teams in one league and the eastern most in another. Unfourtianately since over half the teams in the NFL are in the EST it got a bit akward, but this is my concept NFL Develpoment League East Syracuse Thunder (BUF) South Florida Surf (MIA) Conneticut Colonials (NE) Albany Giants (NYG) Norfolk Sea Kings (BAL) Coloumbous Aviators (CLV) Kentucky Blues (CIN) West Virginia Ironmen (PIT) Delaware Talons (PHI) New Jersy Barons (NYG) Richmond Presidents (WAS) South Carolina Falcons (ATL) Raleigh Racers (CAR) Orlando Suns (TB) Lansing Lions (DET) Panhandle Prowlers (JAX) NFL Development League West Louisville Stallions (IND) San Antonio Lone Stars (HOU) Birmingham Fire (TEN) Utah Gold (DEN) Omaha Pilots (KC) Sacremento Raiders (OAK) Las Vegas Pharoes (SD) Rockford Hawks (CHI) Wisconsin Engineers (GB) Dakota Tribe (MIN) New Mexico Roadrunners (ARZ) Iowa Tornadoes (STL) San Jose Matadors (SF) Portland Monarchs (SEA) So I'd like to see your guys opinions and see your idea's for leagues. I hope this isn't against the rules. If it is tell me.
  11. That Uni is a big mess! D: Looks like they used faux throwback uni's with a modern helmet. It's turned out as a big jumbled mess D: How is that a throwback whenit has the :censored:ty nike polygon side panel that was created only 4 years agoIt looks like one of those "fakey" throwbacks that is only maybe intentionally 70% correct, hince why I called it a "faux throwback"
  12. red/orange/yellow is a color combo that is needed more in Football, though if I would have personally put the flames under the numbers.
  13. That Uni is a big mess! D: Looks like they used faux throwback uni's with a modern helmet. It's turned out as a big jumbled mess D:
  14. Funny, I used yto live in Pinellas County in the early 2000s amd Seminole was always one of the teams to beat in county. What happened to them? Also I noticed the logo is exactly the same as a locals chool here in Knoxville called Hardin Valley.