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  1. Most modern Album covers are pretty bland or bad in my opinion. Case in Point.
  2. http://on.si.com/1bGVUkF So they put on classics such as Vancouver's flying V, and the Anaheim Super Duck, but not the Miami U disaster CFB uni's, nor the original Atlanta Hawks puke green and Blue uniforms?
  3. Still better then this confusing mess known as the Knoxville Nighthawks
  4. How could plain white pants be ugly? They really didn't go with the uniform. I'd rather see yellow/gold or Maroon pants with Minnesota
  5. William Blount High School Governers (Maryville,TN) This is new as I think they had a Virginia look-a-like uniform and helmet prior. Oak Ridge WIldcats (Oak Ridge, TN) Powell Panthers (Powell,TN) had a friend Maryville Rebels (Maryville,TN) Above and By far the best Football team in the state. Almost had one of the nations longest winning streak. West Rebels (Knoxville,TN) playing their big rival the Bearden Bulldogs (Knoxville,TN) Gotta love the white-on-silver striping of the Farragut Admirals (Farragut,TN) away pants.
  6. Boston - Clippers Tampa - Snappers (Snapping Turtles are semi- common in Florida IIRC) Pittsburgh - Rivermen or Pilots (Ship Pilot) Columbus - Aviators or Bombers (Something to do with Ohio's contribution to flight) Minneapolis - Harvesters or Swedes or Norse Chicago - Lakers Houston - Rustlers or Orbits or Suns
  7. The 'Ol Goat logo, Never really liked it. (
  8. Ohhh, I get it. The curved lines on the helmet make the "point" of the Viking-style helmet, and the blue panel even matches the shading on the logo. Pretty clever. And I frankly love the uniforms overall. I think the jerseys are simple and clean, with the modern-era touch of the gradient-fade sleeve stripe. LOVE it. I don't like that "Swedes" on the side of the paints, maybe if there was striping it would look better.
  9. It was filmed during halftime of a game between two community colleges
  10. Just stumbled across NAIA School Bethany College's bizzare helmet/uni combo. I give them props for a unique helmet design, especially with such a small school. But there uniform is kinda bland
  11. I would personally swap these.
  12. ok this requires a little back story. Me and my mother own a re-sale business. mostly we acquire goods through storage unit auctions or people who are selling us entire storage units in order to get from under the rent they struggle to owe. One day we had a guy ant the storage facilty were store most of our goods at when we're not selling them offer us his unit. Long Story, Short I own a 1984 Tampa Bay Bandits Hat.
  13. witht he way this page is goin, I can tell you that what I am gonna say is unpopular. I do not like any Yellow uniforms at all.
  14. I'm fairly certan the South Houston Assault's logo is actually a heavily modified UNC-Ashville logo
  15. I would swap Taipei and Bangkok around, cause you know the Beijing team ain't gonna like having to play Taipei ;P
  16. https://twitter.com/AutzenStudents/status/388692009042460673/photo/1 Slightly relevent Oregon BS
  17. https://twitter.com/schadjoe/status/388054755454361600 IT'S HAPPENING!
  18. How much of an underdog was Appalachian State against Michigan in 2007? Vegas typically doesn't put lines out for those games, but the unofficial line appeared to have been around 32 points. Someone complied a list of recent college football upsets against the thread: http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/eye-on-college-football/19868984/who-had-next-the-10-biggest-college-football-upsets-since-appalachian-state Sorry to go off topic, but personally I don't even think that was the biggest upset of 2007. Delware 59 Navy 52 was bigger in my opinion.
  19. I love the Monochrome away uniform for the Celts
  20. Sep Blatter According to this "he sounds like a German asking for a Step ladder"
  21. What did I just watch? http://www.sptimes.com/News/webspecials/superbowl2001/futurebowl.shtml Reminds me of this.
  22. Well here is the next one lol. Albany Giants Uses the old 80s/90s Giants logo with a monocrome blue/blue look. I like it even if it's a bit bland in the shirt department