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  1. @ZionEagle, I couldn't do a real animal or human face to save my life , wordmarks it is for now
  2. I got really confused for a second cause there's actually a real NCAA Conference called NEWMAC but it doesn't have football.
  3. I think you'd have more teams if you let people have multiple schools. I think five is about the limit though.
  4. I got a few concepts I'd like to try, is five ok? Here's my first one Name of University: College of Oak Ridge Nickname: German Shepards Location (City, State): Oak Ridge, TN Colors: Crimson, White, Graphite History: Formed in 1960, COR, quickly established itself as one of the top school in the field of science. With connections to ORNL and several other tech out in the south it quickly established itself as a premier school for students. One of the common phrases you'll see at COR is "The Research Institute Of the South". This is a sarcastic dig at the main rival of COR, Sewanee. Also @Bruins I like that primary logo, looks like a cheery late 19th century barkeep
  5. Also I think "Sportslogos College Athletic Association" would be a better name, Adding Community in there makes me think its a JUCO league
  6. Looking for this helmet template in PSD
  7. I'm in! I had an idea very similar to this in fact @sleuthpanther
  8. they need more yellow. DSU has one of my favorite small school brandings Also the schools claim to fame is they play Basketball games at this building.
  9. Found this from a couple weeks ago, Dakota State vs St Ambrose (IA) Love St Ambrose's logo. Dakota St is ok, but it feels like an SJSU rip-off IMO
  10. I think they did that with Adidas. White helmet sticks out like a sore thumb.
  11. Tennessee needs to make there Smokey Grey helmet a Matte or Satin helmet. Its really hard to tell the layers are there because of the reflection of the stadium.
  12. I guess Brown took the comments we made about the lack of Brown in their uniforms and wore all Brown helmets.
  13. Don't like it. Numbers look to big and the white logo doesn't look good on Orange
  14. Saw that link posted on r/cfb a lil bit ago, this was the best response.
  15. I wonder if those players can also pull a truck like "The Duck"
  16. Posting this more for the Visor than the facemask, but don't tell me anyone rocked a Visor better than Gilbert "The Gravedigger" Brown
  17. here's another D-III matchup between Delaware valley (Green) and Albright (Red) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cs4mdH0XEAAPyNL.jpg:large Ugh.
  18. Great looking D-III matchup between Ohio Northern (in Orange) and Heidelberg (In Black)
  19. here's the direct link, pic is fairly large so you can probably zoom in on it. http://www.westernkansasnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/minter-edited.jpg
  20. Oh boy, I found some real doozies in the JUCO ranks Dodge City CC Conquistadors Hutchinson CC Blue Dragons Independance CC