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  1. It's a real shame the Austin team didn't call itself "Austin CIty" that would have been perfect.
  2. This might be the first time in history a sports team has ever Jumped the Shark.
  3. @Cujo please explain to me why you think the Brewer's logo on the left looks the St Louis Cardinals logo on the right?
  4. It's just that thats basically a pallet swap of every other Adidas jersey in the last 3 years minus tire tread.
  5. The MAC has announced they have given each team a Jolly Roger flag to hang up after wins. Meanwhile the Sun Belt has created the Championship Game MVP Belt given to the Championship Games MVP
  6. Just because your Adidas doesn't mean you have to make the dude modeling these do the Squatting Slav pose. But seriously this is another garbage, boring, copy n paste Adidas uniform.
  7. I actually thought this was the biggest issue with the Titans old uniform.
  8. I liked the Navy uniforms better. That being said I think the Titans uniforms were out dated to some extent and I do like this update. Except the number font, that number font can go aawy!
  9. if they do go to Austin, I'd be pissed if the team isn't called "Austin City"
  10. it's now October and you know what that means right? Pink for Pink's sake of course! (Team is UW-Stevens Point)
  11. ha! Actually it's aggies but the first G is cut off by the chin strap.
  12. Yikes, D-III Matchup between Stevenson (MD) and Delaware Valley (PA)
  13. I dunno, I saw it on the Helmet project forum and thought it was worth showing on here.
  14. Speaking of Florida rip-offs here's one from D-III
  15. It's not bad, but its also not Green and Gold either.
  16. Oak Ridge vs Knoxville West - Two very traditional looks Clinton vs Powell Both teams using new helmets
  17. Are we not gonna point out #threestripeknights?