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  1. @llfhockey, honestly, I'd rather have @RTI's school, but thanks for the offer anyways.
  2. since this is a message board of primarily graphics designers I thought ya'll would a get a chuckle out of this. An actual tweet by a real school.
  3. @Pulv! Someone else already suggested that conference. I was more thinking about a 12team two division style super conference with that being the divsions. @gswansea: He's already been tagged. Still not sure who the last guy would be. @RTI I need an instate rival
  4. I'd like to propose a conference called the North American Conference Compromising of the schools in the Great Lakes and the South. 1. College of Oak Ridge German Shepards @Davidellias 2. West Mississippi Bandits @RevNet 3. Waxahachie State Buffaloes @ColeJ 4. DeSoto Armadillos @ZionEagle 5. Norman Horns @Rebelball24 6. Las Cruces Coyotes @poiper2 Lakes 1. Great Lakes University Sailors @TheLogoManiac13 2. Rogers Clark Badgers @gswansea 3. Lansing University Bears @spartan lover- 4. Quad City College Lions @Steelman 5. @bucknut42's TBD school in Northern Indiana 6. TBA Plus one other school (who wants that spot?) What ya guys think?
  5. I had an idea that the mascot would be a WWI era prussian soldier with a German Shepard he paraded around the field with. Hence the Picklehaub (Which I only know its name because of TF2 :P)
  6. @Bruins Looks great, I was going to request a logo of an actual German Shepard. I do have one minor tweak I'd like, can you make the dog wear a picklehaube?
  7. Fresno State defense, you had one job!
  8. @~Bear, Just my opinion, but I think you should tweak the name for the Kodiaks. Alaska Juneau State University just sounds cumbersome and awkward, if you want, I'd suggest maybe something like Alaska St - Juneau or ASU-Juneau.
  9. @ZionEagle, I couldn't do a real animal or human face to save my life , wordmarks it is for now
  10. I got really confused for a second cause there's actually a real NCAA Conference called NEWMAC but it doesn't have football.
  11. I think you'd have more teams if you let people have multiple schools. I think five is about the limit though.
  12. I got a few concepts I'd like to try, is five ok? Here's my first one Name of University: College of Oak Ridge Nickname: German Shepards Location (City, State): Oak Ridge, TN Colors: Crimson, White, Graphite History: Formed in 1960, COR, quickly established itself as one of the top school in the field of science. With connections to ORNL and several other tech out in the south it quickly established itself as a premier school for students. One of the common phrases you'll see at COR is "The Research Institute Of the South". This is a sarcastic dig at the main rival of COR, Sewanee. Also @Bruins I like that primary logo, looks like a cheery late 19th century barkeep
  13. Also I think "Sportslogos College Athletic Association" would be a better name, Adding Community in there makes me think its a JUCO league
  14. Looking for this helmet template in PSD
  15. I'm in! I had an idea very similar to this in fact @sleuthpanther
  16. they need more yellow. DSU has one of my favorite small school brandings Also the schools claim to fame is they play Basketball games at this building.
  17. Found this from a couple weeks ago, Dakota State vs St Ambrose (IA) Love St Ambrose's logo. Dakota St is ok, but it feels like an SJSU rip-off IMO