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  1. Found this from a couple weeks ago, Dakota State vs St Ambrose (IA) Love St Ambrose's logo. Dakota St is ok, but it feels like an SJSU rip-off IMO
  2. I think they did that with Adidas. White helmet sticks out like a sore thumb.
  3. Tennessee needs to make there Smokey Grey helmet a Matte or Satin helmet. Its really hard to tell the layers are there because of the reflection of the stadium.
  4. I guess Brown took the comments we made about the lack of Brown in their uniforms and wore all Brown helmets.
  5. Don't like it. Numbers look to big and the white logo doesn't look good on Orange
  6. Saw that link posted on r/cfb a lil bit ago, this was the best response.
  7. I wonder if those players can also pull a truck like "The Duck"
  8. Posting this more for the Visor than the facemask, but don't tell me anyone rocked a Visor better than Gilbert "The Gravedigger" Brown
  9. here's another D-III matchup between Delaware valley (Green) and Albright (Red) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cs4mdH0XEAAPyNL.jpg:large Ugh.
  10. Great looking D-III matchup between Ohio Northern (in Orange) and Heidelberg (In Black)
  11. here's the direct link, pic is fairly large so you can probably zoom in on it. http://www.westernkansasnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/minter-edited.jpg
  12. Oh boy, I found some real doozies in the JUCO ranks Dodge City CC Conquistadors Hutchinson CC Blue Dragons Independance CC
  13. Georgia Southern needs a new look. The Alabama look a likes were only there due to financial issues. Now that they are an established brand I think they should get a new look, I'd love to see their retro eagle logo on the helmet permanently.
  14. I say six, have two teams with byes and two play in games with the higher ranked teams hosting, have them sometime around the Cactus bowl or Something.
  15. The Hugo Bowl, played on a Thursday night in Statesboro, Georgia during Hurricane Hugo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onXsaefaC1g
  16. I don't know whats worse, the shiny Greensboro logo on a white helmet or Guilford's white facesmask with a grey helmet.
  17. IMO one of the worst football uniforms ever.
  18. Oklahoma Legend Baker Mayfield Florida Ledgend (Haha jk) Jeff Driskell D-III Ledgend Steven Hauschka
  19. (RE: USF Week 1 uniform) Disagree! Aside from the weird color choice I don't see anything wrong with the Uniform. In fact, I think USF has some great uniforms the past couple of seasons.