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  1. Georgia Southern needs a new look. The Alabama look a likes were only there due to financial issues. Now that they are an established brand I think they should get a new look, I'd love to see their retro eagle logo on the helmet permanently.
  2. I say six, have two teams with byes and two play in games with the higher ranked teams hosting, have them sometime around the Cactus bowl or Something.
  3. The Hugo Bowl, played on a Thursday night in Statesboro, Georgia during Hurricane Hugo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onXsaefaC1g
  4. I don't know whats worse, the shiny Greensboro logo on a white helmet or Guilford's white facesmask with a grey helmet.
  5. I liked the idea, but it just seemed uneven
  6. IMO one of the worst football uniforms ever.
  7. Oklahoma Legend Baker Mayfield Florida Ledgend (Haha jk) Jeff Driskell D-III Ledgend Steven Hauschka
  8. (RE: USF Week 1 uniform) Disagree! Aside from the weird color choice I don't see anything wrong with the Uniform. In fact, I think USF has some great uniforms the past couple of seasons.
  9. North Dakota State vs Augustania 1986.
  10. Looking for a photoshop Helmet template that has front and both sides.
  11. Love this series, You can barely tell you used MS Paint. The amount of work that went into this must have been a lot!
  12. Here's a quick video from a Spring game, looks like they got the teas backwards though.
  13. thanks, I've always had fascination witht his league, even watching a couple of games livestreamed last year. Better then their counterparts in Britain, most teams don't even have enough helmets for a full team. You get some really weird mixes of uniforms and helmets.
  14. Just be thankful there's no signs of mix-n-match uniforms like they've been using the last couple of years.
  15. Weird seeing they are the home team
  16. I'm a sucker for a good sublimated texture uniform. Looks amazing man!
  17. So technically this isn't a 2016 announcement, but there's been speculation that Wichita State will be reviving its football program. Now the school president has tweeted this picture. (What the hell are those purple waves)
  18. Love that Ocean State SC Red Uniform
  19. Please add Lil Red to that list. No reason he's needed. At all. Herbie Husker is more than sufficient and still child friendly. Thanks for giving me a weak excuse to post this video EDIT: Speaking of Mascots that don't match, WTF is that thing in the background wearing a Hurricanes Jersey?
  20. Georgia Southern should modernize. there wasn't really any tradition behind the choice to use an Alabamesque design (It was nothing more then monetary) and I think they have a great logo that could be used on their helmets (Both Eagle head logos)