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  1. What the heck was that Lousiana Helmet they were using against A&M? That looked like it was 20 years too late. Oh ok just saw the last page. No wonder it looked so 90s, cause it was a 90s tribute.
  2. Liked the old set better. The black looked better to me at least.
  3. http://www.d3football.com/seasons/2017/contrib/20170909u6a3fe College of St Scholastica rebounds from a 98 point loss by beating tiny Greenville University 47-27
  4. I haven't posted in here forever but I had show ya'll this heaping pile of trash. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. (Alma College in Michigan). I think years ago I made a comment about how trash their helmet was, now their Uniforms have caught up to the trashyness.
  5. http://www.usdtoreros.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/110116aaa.html So here's an interesting match-up. U of San Diego, who is likely going to get an automatic bid for the FCS playoffs, is playing Mexican champ, Universidad De Las Americas Puebla. The game is considered an exhibition by both teams though.
  6. But...but...WMU rips off Denver Broncos! (I kid)
  7. in fairness, at least they have different secondary colors (Maroon and Yellow) unlike that FIU / MTSU game last year where a white and blue team played a light grey and blue team. Also last pic, is that black Jared Lorenzen?
  8. Horrendous doesn't even begen to describe those bowling ball helmets. Arguably one of the top - 3 worst of all time. Speaking of bad. Newberry Wolves of D-II Yup, Vertical and Horizontal stripes on the helmet.
  9. I hate asymetric helmets like this normally, but this one actually works (somewhat)
  10. We could realistically see Idaho, Army, Eastern Michigan, Wake forest and Kentucky Bow Eligible this year.
  11. @~Bear I see you went full "Flyers" with the nameplates
  12. @bucknut42 its a shame I can only upvote that once. that is nice.
  13. If the Great Lakes teams want to split off its ok, The NAC will take all the Southern US teams (COR,UWM,WTSU, WAXST,DSA,ULC) and @sleuthpanther and @Pulv! I'll give you guys an invite if the MCC doesn't want you.
  14. @gswansea, That look nice but I got bad news, the conference is called the North American Conference. The Lakes division was merely a geographic divider like the SEC West or Big Ten East.
  15. UPDATING: @RTI, @Raptorman415, @ZEGH82 I'm officially inviting you to the NAC. Do you all wish to accept? If Anyone else wants to accept, let me know by PM.
  16. @llfhockey, honestly, I'd rather have @RTI's school, but thanks for the offer anyways.
  17. since this is a message board of primarily graphics designers I thought ya'll would a get a chuckle out of this. An actual tweet by a real school.
  18. @Pulv! Someone else already suggested that conference. I was more thinking about a 12team two division style super conference with that being the divsions. @gswansea: He's already been tagged. Still not sure who the last guy would be. @RTI I need an instate rival