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  1. Very nice, What font are you using for the numbers?
  2. I love the Bark coloring of the box, the packaging design also looks great, but one thing. Add more cookies to the red shield. Those three cookies look hella sparse.
  3. Just remember, this is what Alcorn looked like at the start of the year. Most HCBU uniforms are awful though. Take a gander at these beauties from D-II HBCU. By the way notice something these uniforms all have in common?
  4. Keshawn Martin for the Texans in a uniform that never existed.
  5. You're Virginia parody, looks more like Virginia Tech, then your Virginia Tech parody does.
  6. Love this! Is the template your using PSD compatible?
  7. I love their new logo they're using, but lord it looks bad on the black helmets. Maybe if they changed the white to black it could look better, but the white color kills it.
  8. Sorry to break away from the Navy talk, but I found quite possibly one of the worst looks in college football this year. Guelph's October breast cancer awareness uniforms
  9. on Lakota have the Uniforms Arrows going the other direction. It looks weird with them facing the other way from the helmet.
  10. 1.) Are you blind? Those are hideous. The Helmet is hideous, I'll give you that. But when you think about the trademarks of a typical bad adidas uniform, most aren't there. Sure they are: Tire treads Horrible striping on pants Horrible striping on jersey Barely readable script on front of jersey Barely readable nameplate1.) This is a an extreme nitpick, but while the Tire Tread is dumb, if I remember correctly, it's there for non aesthetic reasons, and thus don't consider part of the typical "adidas design" 2.) and 3.) No! To me the traditional Adidas design has no pants stripe or jersey stripe, instead uses Giant hip logos ont he pants and none, to very minimal sttriping on the shoulder, most of which is small and super generic. The only Adidas team with pants striping is Miami and at least these stripes make more sense. 4.) and 5.) Ok yes they are unreadable, but unlike Louisville and Miami's unreadible mess of nameplates, these issue can be fixed with a recolor. I'm not saying the Wolfpack's uniforms are great overall, but by Adidas standards, they are better then 90% Adidas has put out.
  11. Are you blind? Those are hideous. The Helmet is hideous, I'll give you that. But when you think about the trademarks of a typical bad adidas uniform, most aren't there.
  12. Just saw NC States Gray uniforms and I actually think they may be some of the best uniforms Adidas has put out this year. (That's not saying much, but still, this is the first time I wasn't totally offended by an Adidas uniform) My only change i'd make would be that the Claw Stripes be changed to red not black.
  13. I'd rather see them have a more unique Identity then those USC look-a-likes
  14. The funny thing is, from what I've read int he past, McGill's nickname was actually derived from the Red Sweaters students used to wear. Nothing to do with Native Americans at all.
  15. Seems like the new nickname has got UND in more trouble already then the old one. http://www.inforum.com/news/3886449-dickinson-state-seeks-protect-hawks-following-unds-announcement
  16. They need the current uniforms, with this helmet. Always thought those were awesome Basically this is what I want. Beautiful.
  17. They need the current uniforms, with this helmet.
  18. In light of tonights game, anyone else remember this?
  19. I think Nevada has shoulder caps too, just really light grey though.
  20. 1975 Giants had a decal discrepancy during the preseason, and only certain players had decals.
  21. The ESPN 30 for 30 has inspired Colorado to wear the throwbacks again - https://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/3rjiqo/colorado_coach_macintyre_last_nights_30for30/
  22. How about transportation themed Nicknames such as Engineers and etc...etc...
  23. An Adidas Alt uniform that has Pants Stripes? That's a new one!
  24. meanwhile in Las Cruces, New Mexico State wins on a wild INT https://twitter.com/bronc84/status/660665712852078594 (Only Video I can find)