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  1. April 4th release date seems to be confirmed
  2. I linked it and @'d the guy who's been refuting other leaks this entire thread, I'll repost though since it's in a new page
  3. All Yellow is the best look for the Rams with the classic jerseys like that if they're wearing the Yellow because the jersey only has Yellow and Blue on it, and Yellow over Blue would look heinous
  4. Is it an unpopular opinion to say I'm 100% on board with and hope they use a font like this? Still block enough to fit in with traditional uniforms but unique and relevant to the team name/mascot
  5. This may be a hot take but it's the hill I'll die on, Sacramento should adopt that powder blue & red scheme full time, purple & silver while unique just doesn't look good for them IMO
  6. Aesthetically it wouldn't make sense but if the shorts on the Sixers ones were these but with the word Sixers in the font they regularly use, I'd be on board
  7. Sixers appear to be going Rocky Sweatsuit themed for their City Jerseys this year, it's too bad we lost the Cream ones those looked great
  8. The fact that this isn't their full time identity yet is a damn shame
  9. If you took the current White Jersey, filled in all the white except the stars on the side with Black and switched the curly font from the AI era uniforms, that'd be a perfect City Edition jersey
  10. Simmons seems to really want the Black Jerseys back, I wouldn't be surprised if they find a way to get them out this year