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  1. Saw this explanation for the Cleveland font on Twitter made me actually kinda like them
  2. Take the Mets home uniforms, remove the pinstripes and make the White Black, perfect Friday Night alt to satiate the fans that like Black while not :censored:ing with the regular uniforms Also I'd be 100% in favor of reintroducing the racing stripes as a Sunday alt or honestly even a full time thing, may or may not be a hot take but those to me are the quintessential Mets uniforms
  3. It doesn't look like a jersey you could've seen a man die in the 60's on the ice in, so this board will hate it, but that Dallas jersey is nice
  4. Lateral move from the Brady uniforms, went from a generic late 90's/early 2000's design to a generic late 2010's design. This is still as good as the Patriots have ever looked, swap the weird number font with the new font and get rid of the sublimated stripes and you'd have an actually unique (in the NFL these days) and good design cooking
  5. It would appear Nike's designers took the "work from home" order as more home than work
  6. Feels like a fan design you'd see on the Nike Pro Combat PSD template that was all the rage in the early 2010's, not a huge fan but I've seen worse
  7. Dallas' graffiti set would be better if the Number font matched the wordmark font, the main issue with it is they're doing the outrageous 90's except for the number & NOB, you can't halfass the aesthetic you have to commit
  8. 100% the font they should be using for every jersey from here on out, no need to continue using the basic :censored: block when they've got that in the branding
  9. if they recolored this new jersey Enes Kanter leaked to be Green & Gold, it'd be a great St. Patrick's Day alternate
  10. Enes Kanter leaked a new Celtics jersey on his Instagram story
  11. the Heat need to accept the superiority of the Vice color scheme and leave their previous branding behind, used for throwbacks when appropriate
  12. Memphis also wanted to do that playground court thing
  13. The Clippers divorcing themselves from RWB is a very good thing, it's not as if they're abandoning a unique color scheme. Going full NWA/Compton would be a cool way to distance themselves from the Glitz & Glamor Showtime Lakers and try to appeal as the "real" LA team rather than the Hollywood one. That being said Sky Blue & Orange is still the best color scheme for them, however if they insist on not using it a primarily Black look is a fine alternative.
  14. The Clippers City Edition court is fantastic and would be a fine court to base an identity on
  15. The Utah Jazz over the course of their entire history as a team have 1 design element worth drawing upon, the Rock gradient city jerseys. Take those and change the team name to fit the look and they'd have a top 3 brand identity in the NBA Every year that the New Orleans NBA team has spent only using Mardi Gras colors during the event itself is a wasted year branding wise, the sooner they give up on this current identity and embrace the aesthetic year round the better. The Pacers should eliminate white from their look entirely with this current primary uniform set, all they need to use is Navy & Yellow. The 76ers are the only team that actually pull of Red & Blue in the NBA well, the Wizards need to go back to the Blue, Gold & Black or do something new and the Pistons need to embrace the Blue & Black + Gray's look they've been dabbling with with their alternates. The Clippers need to go back to Sky Blue & Orange. The Pelicans as mentioned above need to just embrace Mardi Gras. The Magic either need to go back to a Penny & Shaq era inspired look which incorporates the sublimated stars of the TMac era, or fully embrace the Galaxy motif. Either way, the sooner they get out of these Dwight Howard era relics the better. The 76ers Parchment jerseys from 2 years ago were the best look they've had since Allen Iverson took them to the finals, they should have replaced the whites with that instantly.
  16. I think this does a good job of combining the 80's/90's identity with the Namath/current identity
  17. Black jersey White pants as a combo would look pretty good
  18. They're stalling as they madly change something to make the leaks inaccurate
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