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  1. Thank you guys for the responses! To answer some of your questions, I am going to be completing the side views hopefully this weekend. Kansas: The yellow on the facemask is indeed symbolizing the beak of the Jayhawk. Oklahoma: I wanted to do something along the same lines that Adidas has been doing with powerhouses such as Michigan and Nebraska. With that I also wanted to use the 1929-1930 uniform as inspiration. It has always caught my eye. ISU: the fasmask does say ISU TCU: Personally I am not a huge fan of the ultra modern Frogskin design of today. Strictly from a personal opinion I thought it would be good to see a return to the traditional days of the university when the team won the national championship in 1938. Back then the school was often referred to as Texas Christian rather than TCU. Nonetheless there are modern design elements such as the continued facemask stripe. I was unsure about the stripe design due to the same reason (Northwestern). I have another design that I think might be a better solution.
  2. This is my first real post, hope you all like it, and would love some feed back. I am also currently working on a Seattle Mariners Rebranding concept. So I will post that as soon as I get a chance.
  3. Love the integration of the hawk/falcon direction. I firmly believe that a city's teams should be related in some way or another i.e. Pittsburg, old St. Louis (NFL cardinals & MLB cardinals) etc.
  4. Love the return of the Kelly Green, still don't know why they haven't returned to this look.