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  1. I've never been a fan of the Astros using orange as main colour, but you just changed my mind! Great job as well with the Angels and the outtakes
  2. The main series was finished in an eye blink! I've enjoyed it very much. From the last teams posted, I think you've make a great jobs with the DBacks restyling. Also, I'm a fan of the "Los" from "Los Angeles" wordmark!
  3. This is it guys! The final team of the series: the Washington Nationals! The Nats set is inspired by the city of Washington DC, featuring the Washington Monument on both sleeves and pants, as well as off-white pinstripes for the home jersey, inspired by the marble used in the most important and iconic buildings of the city (colour idea suggested by @MJD7 I'd like to thank all of you who have taken part in this series, giving me feedback, suggestions and ideas. I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did!
  4. Thank you both! The original idea was to make it subtly, following the style of most soccer jerseys. Would you suggest using a contrasting colour for it?
  5. I think this series look really interesting! Have you considered using names such as Maccabi, Beitar, Bnei or Hapoel?
  6. Here you go! Thank you guys for the positive feedback! Let's continue the series with the Cardinals. The set features a subtle graphic of the Gateway Arch on the front. I decided to keep the powder blue uniform with the St. Louis wordmark, which I love:
  7. Let's move up Northern California with the Giants. The set features a front graphic inspired by Lombard Street as main element, as well as the Golden Gate on the sleeves (credit to @MJD7 for its design), using the interlocked SF logo:
  8. The Royals designs with purple are gold are a thing of beauty Great work for the Twins, I prefer the set with their current colours.
  9. Solid job with these last sets, I specially like the Marlins set and the "Nats" script. Also, nice to see the Expos back!
  10. Thank you very much for your feedback! Here's the Padres design with both old font and Daytona Tortugas' style (credit to @MJD7 for the latter) for the numbers: What do you think?
  11. Thanks! That was my idea. We're getting closer to end of the series! Let's continue with the San Diego Padres. I wanted to bring back the classy brown/yellow/orange colour scheme, featuring a front graphic inspired by the church façade of Mission San Diego de Alcalá:
  12. I really like what you've done for the Mariners! Although I like their current forest green colour, unifying the schemes of the city teams is a great idea. What can I say about the Rancheros? The set is absolutely gorgeous, you came up with a great identity. The sleeve trim is a really nice detail.
  13. Thank you! Actually, all these designs are meant to be alternates Thanks! The maroon + powder blue is one of my favourite combinations in the Majors, so I had to brought it back. Time for the Pirates! Not much explanation for this. The Bucs' set tries to mimic a pirate jacket:
  14. The Indians look stunning on the Cavs colours I love the throwback with brown and red, but I prefer the marron and navy idea.
  15. Nice work! The last four sets you've posted are very distinctive. I really like the sand shade for the Astrso and the yellow A's set. I can't wait to see more!
  16. Now, let's move on to Philadelphia! The Phillies set features the United States Constitution subtly on the front, using the old colours and logos of the team:
  17. The White Sox look perfect now I can't wait to see the Cleveland set!
  18. I love that Royals set! The Sunday alt looks gorgeous, and the sleeve patch is certainly unique.
  19. The original designs you posted were already good, but the tweaked versions are even better! I love the use of green for the White Sox, certainly unique. And that second Cleveland Spiders sleeve patch is gorgeous. Keep it up
  20. You've been doing a great job! I love the throwback for the Rays and the outtakes of the Blue Jays. I love the White Sox set, but I think the road uni would look better with the home cao.
  21. Another weekend, another design! Time for the Mets: This set features the iconic NYC skyline with a front gradient, usign the Big Apple logo from a cap released years ago:
  22. Thank you guys! Here's the tweaked Brewers uni: And here's the Marlins tweaked design, using the jersey graphic on the socks: