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  1. Good to see some love for the powder blue! Great ideas overall, but I specially like the D'Backs teal uniform. I'd love to see them going for that route if they end up jumping in the powder blue bandwagon.
  2. Wonderful job all in all. @SFGiants58's "New York" wordmark is the icing on the cake, and the home throwback looks great!
  3. Great tweaks for the Marlins! Now the cap logo is clearly visible, and the pink colour pops more than the current red-ish shade. Solid job for the Cooperstown Collection design as well!
  4. Great work for the Mets (and overall, of course). Every design is really solid, but I think the '20 and '98 ones are really unique and make them stand out from the rest of the Majors.
  5. I think the Tigers have one of those timeless looks, but I absolutely dig the double piping and the use of orange. Great work for the Astros as well!
  6. Interesting idea! I love how you've managed to use unique off-white shades for each team Good job!
  7. Your new presentation style definitely gives a more professional look to your designs, well done for that and for the solid sets you're pulling off! I'd love to see the Red Sox's main designs with the old-school stirrups
  8. Great start! All of them are solid designs, and the idea behind them is really interesting. I specially like the '71 White Sox home alt uniform. I think the bright red + baby blue is a winner combination. Keep it up!
  9. Nice start! The D'Backs set looks really solid, I think this is the colourway they should go for. I like the retro-modern approach you've used for the Cooperstown Collection, I think the idea is more interesting than what Nike planned. I can't wait to see the 29 remaining designs!
  10. After a short halt, it's time to move on to Kansas City! For the Royals I decided to go for a gradient as main design element, a design resource often used by sport brands nowadays, specially by Nike. The gradient pattern goes from the classic baby blue, a colour linked with the team's history, to the royal purple, seeking to show, in a modern way, the royalty vibe the club have.
  11. Good to see the Expos back! I'd say the blue/black combo looks very québecquois, and therefore, it fits them perfectly Keep up the good work, mate!
  12. So far so good! I really like how the GWU's colours fit the Nats perfectly: the teams "owns" the gold colour after their World Series, and it also kind of reminds me of their mid-00's era.
  13. I'm looking forward to this series, I think you've had an unique idea! As for the Angels, I love the set, but I agree with @Jake3.roo: adding borders to the front numbers would be a good idea
  14. Fixed! I've also flipped the cap colours, as suggested by @coco1997:
  15. Moving up to Washington DC! For the team from the capital city of the United States I wanted to go a very American and patriotic path. Therefore, the uniform uses the 13 stripes from the flag on each sleeve, as well as the white stars on navy for the socks. The design is complete with 3D styled logos and numbers, a nod to the Washington Senators uniforms of the 1950s, originally created by @MJD7.
  16. The Marlins uniform looks wonderful! It's a perfect blend of their current style and their (probably) more iconic look. The white border on the cap logo makes it pop up, unlike their actual logo, so nice tweak.
  17. Moving to Arizona! When it comes to the Diamondbacks, there's no easy path. Even after Nike's takeover and the unveiling of their new and tweaked uniforms, the team still has a problem: they can't descide between sand or teal as tertiary colour. But, given the club's original look, and Nike's current design trends, I have decided to go for the first. The DBacks design features the "New Orchid" purple shade, using teal for the details and logos, as a modern tribute to the team's roots and their 2001 World Series.
  18. Nice work for the Padres! The uni works great as a throwback design, and at the same time it fits the recently unveiled set. I like the new idea for the Rays, I think the use of Columbia Blue is a nice addition.
  19. Time for the Yankees! The Yankees are one of the most difficult teams to approach to when it comes to special edition designs such as this Statement Series. They’ve been using almost the same design for more than a hundred years, and it has become the most iconic and distinct look in baseball; their fans love it and their rivals fear it. This design tradition is probably the main reason why the Bronx Bombers remain one of the few teams without alternate jerseys. Nonetheless, in 1996 the team found an alternative, going for a 1934 throwback Black Yankees design. That is why I have decided to bring back that iconic look, with the "Yankees" wordmark on the front, a navy blue melange pattern, and simple white piping, as well as a navy cap with white soutache.
  20. The Blue Jays uni looks excellent! I like the contrast between the classy wordmark and the modern approach with the gradient, the mapple leaf and the CN Tower. Overall it looks really Nike-ish, good job.
  21. The Cards design looks fantastic! I love its 80's vibe Sure thing! Do you have any specific idea/example in mind? Mimicking a beer label was something I thought about, but ended up ditching it in order not to lose the team's identity.