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  1. I'd ike to keep my original idea for the Royals road alt, given (despite I like it) the current design, with the placket stripes, breaks the "continuity" of the set. About the black on the primary logo, I actually turned into gold: Yeah, just in time, hehe
  2. No sooner said than done! For the Monarchs fauxback I decided to use the KC monogram created by SingleWing, so all the credit to them.
  3. Thanks! I agree about adding somehow gold to the home alt, I'll be thinking about it.
  4. Time for an easy set, time for the KC Royals. I think the Royals current set is pretty much on point, I just added a bit of gold to the home and road designs, the home alt remains the same, and for the road alt I changed the powder blue details for gold.
  5. Thank you guys for the feedback! Do these look better?
  6. Let's move on to Detroit. The Tigers are another of those teams with a classy look, so I didn't make major changes. I decided to use more orange for the home uniform, using the 1972/82 D for the cap and the 1929 one for the jersey, and I dropped the white outline from the road wordmark to get a cleaner look. Also, I decided to introduce two alt unis, the home alt features the script from the team's wordmark, and the road alt, the D from the road BP uniforms. All the uniforms also feature the tiger head as sleeve patch.
  7. Still better than the flag used by the GRAPO (a former terrorist organization from Spain):
  8. I actually think the scripts and the C-I look fine together, despite they're in different fonts, but I'll try to work on it. I'll invert the colours from the road numbers as soons as I get home. About using the pullovers, I have an idea for the Astros that may work.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I'll be keeping the original road alt design. I'd like to use the new C as the primary wordmark. How about keeping the cream uniform as weekend alt? BTW, I'm thinking on using the buttonless template for the home and road unis of some team. Which one do you think would look good on it?
  10. How about this?
  11. As a Spanish native speaker, I must say I usually don't like when MLB teams do this kind of things, and it's because a simple reason: it doesn't look right. Most of the teams just add "Los" in front the original name, which can't be really translated into Spanish, e.g. "Los Mets" and "Los DBacks" (they would have to use "Los Metropolitanos" or "Los Diamantados", which don't sound good, imo). Others properly translate the name, but add the "Los", which ain't needed at all, e.g. "Los Reales" or "Los Rojos". Meanwhile, other teams do a proper job, like "Cerveceros", "Tigres" or "Marineros". I prefer what the MLB did last year: the "Ponle Acento" (Put an Accent) campaign.
  12. Time for the Indians! As you could've seen in the last posts, I decided to design a new Block C (and I), as well as a new sleeve patch for the Tribe, completely ditching the Chief Wahoo. Instead of keeping the home wordmark, I used the new C, given the Indians home uniforms from 1903 to 1945 featured different styles of C's on the front. The home and road uniforms style remains the same, while the new alts are inspired by the uniforms used during the 70's and the 80's.
  13. Thank you guys for the feedback. I'll stick to the original logos, keeping the red baselayer, socks and belts.
  14. These are the road and alt wordmarks with the light blue shadow: What do you think?
  15. Quick test: Does it look good? About the Twins I'm thinking on going for Cream/Green/Red, à la Minnesota Wild.
  16. Trying out the new logos: Thoughts?
  17. Thanks! First, about the colours, I'd like to keep just the Navy and the Red. I don't think the light blue would look good on the scripts, and I don't want to use it only for the logos. I think I'll focus on the 2nd design. Keeping the triangles and maybe adding "Cleveland Indians" on white (I'd need some help with that though).
  18. First two tries: What do you think? I'd go for the second one, because the first may be way too complex.
  19. Do you mean going for Navy / Light Blue / Red? Sorry for posting this apart, but I forgot to quote this.
  20. Thanks for the suggestion. How about using that shield as sleeve patch / secondary logo with the last C-I inside of it?
  21. I prefer these last two names, given people would relate Warriors to NBA. Thanks for the suggestion!
  22. Alternate version of the block C: Which one do you prefer?
  23. The problem is that to make the "I" smaller, I have to make the C thicker, which doesn't allow me to use the minimalist feather: Thanks for your kind words!