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  1. I decided to try two ideas for the Indians' block C, given the current design is quite bland in my opinion: What do you think?
  2. Here's the road uniform with the home patch: About the alts, am I the only one who loves their 1982/86 uniforms? I tried using the styles you suggested me, but I feel they don't look good as alt uniforms. I wish I could share them, but my PC crashed before I could save them. Nonetheless, I'll be using those suggestions to make other versions of the home and road uniforms at the end of the series (I'll be making alt versions for more teams, like the Orioles and the Angels). I'm going to try out their 1976/81 numbers if I manage to find a similar font. About the Indians, I'll stick to Navy and Red, given I've already make a concept for them in Brown and Red.
  3. I forgot to say that the powder blue was of course also inspired by the flag of Chicago!
  4. Do you mean this?
  5. Actually, the idea came from @coco1997 profile pic! I searched the uniforms used by the White Sox, and given they've used light blue on their roads for more than 10 years and it matches with black, I decided to go for it. About an all-powder blue road uni, I think it wouldn't be realistic, that's why I did a grey road design. About the socks, I thought the road uniform look more balanced without the white. Here's the cap with the SOX logo: I wanted to make a consistent alt set, that's why I used the same design twice. About the road, does this look better?
  6. Let's start the ALC with the White Sox! The Chicago White Sox have on of the most classy looks in the Major, there's no too much I'd change about them. But they seem to be one of the teams which looks at their past the most, using throwback designs quite frequently. Given this, and the uniform used during the last Spring Training, I decided to go for a "combination of eras". Maybe they won't make such radical changes, but I think they'll be incorporating old elements, one way or another. For the home uniform I decided to drop the pinstripes, featuring now the 1936/38 logo on the front, and a new version of the "Flying Sock" (designed by me) on the sleevd. The road uniform now features a melange pattern, as well as the 1932/38 script. Both uniforms feature the 1949/50 C on the caps. For the alts, I decided to go for a modern version of the 1982/86 uniform. As you may notice, I decided to use powder blue as secondary colour, inspired by the uniforms used from 1962 to 1975.
  7. I like the idea, but I think it'd be too close to Astros' identity. I have a lot of time to think about their rebrand. As soon as I choose a new name, I'll post it here.
  8. The problem with the Blues name that I see is this: Cleveland/Ohio is not quite related to the Blues music, given it's not part of the Mississippi area, but going for the Bluebirds identity might make them look like the Blue Jays. Given you all agree they'll be keeping their name (at least within 3 years) I think I'll keep their current identity, choosing one of those from above at the end of the series, as a special design.
  9. Before starting with the ALC, I'd like to set what I'm going to do with the Cleveland team. I'm pretty sure sooner or later the team will drop the Indians identity altogether. At first, I thought on going for the Spiders, given it was their former name. But doing a small research, I came up with other options: -Cleveland Blues/Bluebirds (used from 1882 to 1884) -Cleveland Broncos (proposed by the players in 1902) -Cleveland Napoleons (adopted in 1903) -Cleveland Elites (team from the Negro League in 1926). Also, I've had other two ideas: -Cleveland Rockers (the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland) -Cleveland Browns (bringing back the St. Louis Browns look) Which name do you prefer?
  10. Let's finish the ALE with the Blue Jays! I think the Blue Jays did a great job back in 2012, creating a perfect (and maybe even timeless) look. That's why I haven't made too many changes. The home and home alt cap features now a white front, the alt uniform has been replaced for the buttonless template, and now the Canada Day uniform only features red and white. As in my Tweak Series, I would like to thank @Carolingian Steamroller for borrowing me his #19.
  11. No problem, thanks for the constructive criticism I think the Sunburst stands out enough with the border. Imo, white inside of it would look weird, specially for the road uni, but I may try it in the end.
  12. Thank you! And thanks to those who have helped me to improve the Rays set!
  13. The Rays set has been updated:
  14. True! I forgot to try that style:
  15. I decided to try three combinations for the monogram: Which one do you prefer? I'm really digging @SFGiants58 idea. And here's the road uniform with the alt wordmark:
  16. How about using the TB from the cap for the road alt?
  17. I didn't want to use it on the "Tampa" due to the double A. I don't like how road wordmarks look like w/ white outline (e.g. the Tigers). I like the idea of using the TB. BTW, how about inverting the colours?
  18. I tried it with white inside the suburst bit it looks odd. About using only the Rays wordmark, it'd make sense since that's what they do now. Although, I'd like to use the Tampa Bay wordmark as well, so I decided to give it a try:
  19. What do you think?
  20. That Real Madrid away kit brings back good memories, I love it!
  21. I tried it and ditched the idea. The uniform look unbalanced. I decided to try my last idea: What do you think? Honestly, I would go for this, instead of using an old wordmark.
  22. I had a random idea, but it may work: What do you think?
  23. I wanted to keep blue as a secondary colour for the home alt Also, I don't think in 2020 the teams will be using non-grey road uniforms. But, how about making the home alt all-blue? About the wordmarks, this turned out more complicated than what I initially thought... Here's a test: the original wordmark compared to the 2001/07 designs: Which one do you think is better?
  24. Thank you for helping me out!