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  1. Thanks for the compliment! About returning to the previous look, I think it could look good with the new colour scheme, instead of using dark green and navy. This would be an example (all credit to @Paul Lucas!): About making the UA logo green on the road, I agree with you. I'm going to change it after deciding what I'll do with the set.
  2. I wanted to be more or less realistic, that's why I ditched the gradient. Despite I really like its look, I prefer this last colour scheme for the Rays. Exactly, I couldn't use just Tampa. Also, it'd make me ditch the "TB" monogram. Some people think the Rays double reference (Sun / Mantaray) is great, but I think it's a bit messy: the Sun reference is just a sunburst on the scripts, and the mantaray use has been "relegated", appearing only on the sleeves. Honestly, I'd love to see the "Devil Rays" back, but we all know that's not going to happen. The may indeed continue focusing on the sunburst, do you think I should drop the mantaray? What would think about bringing back the scripts and monogram used from 2001 to 2007?
  3. Time for the first big change in the series, and of course, it had to be for the Tampa Bay Rays. I think the Rays might be changing their look within 3 years. But it may not be as radical as mine, or they may go for a completely different direction. Anyway, I decided to bring back the green as main colour, keeping the light blue as secondary. I also decided to change the scripts and logos.
  4. It may be due to the borders from the navy shirt doesn't highlight as much as those from the home Thanks for the suggestions, they all make sense. I may be applying to it the Phillies as well.
  5. If you still take requests, could you do a navy one for the Mariners using the Trident M from their Spring training caps? Also, could you update this one for Real Madrid with the 2016 FIFA Club World Cup?
  6. I tried the navy cap as @Paul Lucas suggested, and I love its retro vibe: Maybe I could keep them both. The NY script is taken from the home uniform, so I would like to keep its size to make a consistent set About the "melange effect", I wasn't sure at first about it (given I did it on Paint), but it's growing on me. For which other teams would you suggest me to use it?
  7. What do you think?
  8. Time for the Bronx Bombers! Classic set for the Yankees: the home and road uniform remain the same, changing the navy cap for a grey one for the last one. I decided to add two alts: one white and other navy, using 1927/30 and 1931/72 wordmarks.
  9. The idea of using the mainly navy script comes from my Tweak Series. I think it looks more balanced in that way. Fixed! I've also updated the Orioles set:
  10. Moving on to Boston! The Red Sox look is so iconic that there's not much to change. I decided to bring back the navy baselayer, the double sleeve and pants pipping, and the classic sock designing, as well as the predominantly navy wordmark for the road uniform.
  11. Following @Paul Lucas suggestion, I've updated the template: Using as reference an actual UA template.
  12. Let's start with the O's! Under Armour is a Baltimore-based company, and they are proud to show it, as we can see in some of the Maryland Terrapins uniforms. That's why I decided to change the traditional pipping on the sleeves and pants, for a design inspired by the Baltimore flag. The home, road and home alt uniforms remain the same, introducing the Baltimore wordmark for road alt, dropping the cap with the O's script. I also decided to reintroduce the swinging bird as sleeve patch.
  13. Inspired by the MLB x Under Armour deal announcement and by this article which talks about the need of modernizing the baseball uniforms, I decided to start this series, in which I'll be imagining how the MLB teams could look like within 3 years. Unlike in my tweak series, I won't be making changes based on my personal criteria/taste, but on what I think teams could do, given past designs and current design trends. I'll be using three designs as template: The first and second designs will be used for the home and road uniforms, while the third will be used for certain alts. I know they aren't as "radical" as the article aforementioned suggests, but I'm trying to be realistic, and that's why I've applied just some tweaks which would make the uniforms more comfortable for the players. I'll place the team list and order here, linking each one to its corresponding designs after having finished them: ALE Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays - V.2 Toronto Blue Jays ALC Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins ALW Anaheim Angels Houston Astros Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers NLE Atlanta Braves Miami Marlins New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals NLC Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee Brewers Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals NLW Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants
  14. I'm having a serious lack of ideas for this series, due to this, I'll be taking a break from it. I'll be starting a MLB 2020 series, and will re-take this after finishing it.
  15. Thanks everybody for the feedback! I'll keep on working on this concept, testing other fonts and colours schemes for future designs.
  16. Inspired by the style of the Hotline Miami videogame, I decided to rebrand the Tampa Bay Rays, changing their logos and wordmarks, but keeping the current uniform style. This is the wordmark: The monogram: The Manta Ray: And last but not least, the uniforms: C&C appreciated!
  17. Thanks everybody for the feedback! Here's the home uni with no front number: You're right, but given the original home alt uniform was purple, I wanted to keep it that way.
  18. Following your suggestions, this is the updated set:
  19. I think we can all agree that the Arizona Diamondbacks have one of the most messed up looks currently in the Majors: the alternation between the Red/Black and the Teal/Black schemes, the dark grey road uniforms and the diamond pattern (I think that, despite being a good idea, there's something off about it). That's why I decided to make things simpler: I took their current logos and wordmarks, and used the club original colours (making a mix between the original Turquoise and the current Teal, and using the cuurent Sand shade instead of Copper). I also decided to use a design inspired by the 1998/02 alt uniform for the sleeves and pants trim. This is the result: Do you think these are any better than the current uniforms?
  20. Let's continue with Aguilas del Zulia (Zulia Eagles)! Los Rapaces were founded in 1968 and started playing in 1969. They have won 6 locals championships (the first one in 1983/84 and the last one in 2016/17) as well as 2 Caribbean Series (in 1984 and 1989). The new wordmarks and logos are inspired by the club's old style. The home and home alt designs are inspired by the uniforms used in the 80's. The current orange road uniform is replaced by a traditional grey design. And the current alt black design is kept, with a couple of tweaks.
  21. I've been having problems with my computer during this week. I'll be continuing the series from Monday. Stay tuned!