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  1. The next team is full of love. CORAZONES DE MURCIA (MURCIA HEARTS) Murcia, Region of Murcia I chose the heart theme because it's on the city flag and coat of arms, symbolazing that King Alfonso heart X's rests in that city. The main chosen colour is red, taken from the city flag. The home uniform is mainly white with red pinstripes, the road uniform is grey with red sleeves, and the alternate uniform (to be used only at home) is white and burgundy, inspired by the Region of Murcia flag. After making one team from each zone, we'll be returning to the Central Division.
  2. Thank you, I appreciate it. I tend to use letter logos because I make the designs in MS Paint (plus WordArt), so it's kind of difficult to make more "complex" logos. But I will try it!
  3. From Barcelona to A Coruña, with a slight name change. MARINEROS DE A CORUÑA (A CORUÑA MARINERS) A Coruña, Galicia Originally I decided to name this team in Galician (Mariñeiros da Coruña), but the name didn't fit really well in the shirts, that's why i decided to use the Spanish version. The colours chosen are navy and light blue, which symbolize the sea and Galicia (the flag of Galicia is white and light blue). For the logo wordmarks and numbers I decided to use a font named "Uralita" which is a "Galician folk typeface inspired on ancient stone inscriptions". The home and alternate uniforms feature the tradtional white and grey, while the alternate uniform uses navy as main colours. The next team will be one fromf the Southern Division, but I still don't know which one.
  4. Thank you, and about Madrid's primary logo, I agree with you, I'm not really convinced about it. If a better idea comes to my mind, I'll change it.
  5. Moving on to Barcelona. BARCELONA DRACS (BARCELONA DRAGONS) Barcelona, Catalonia I chose the name of Dracs (Dragons) because of the legend of Saint George (the patron Saint of Catalonia) and the Dragon. I chose blue as secondary colour, as well as the colours of the flag of Catalonia, which is featured in the numbers and socks of the three uniforms. I wanted to keep the team's monogram simple, that's why I used a B inside of a D. The home and alternate uniforms feature the tradtional white and grey, while the alternate uniform uses blue and white. The next team will be one from the Northern Division.
  6. So, let's start with the teams' uniforms. GATOS DE MADRID (MADRID CATS) Madrid, Community of Madrid The first city I've chosen is Madrid, which is the capital of Spain and the country's biggest city. I decided to call the team "Gatos" (Cats) because people who live in Madrid have that nickname. The colours I've used are black (for no special reason) and crimson, which is the colour of the flag of Madrid. The home and alternate uniforms feature the tradtional white and grey, while the alternate uniform uses a black and burgundy top, featuring an alternate logo, in which the M and the G resemble a cat's head. The next team will be Barcelona Dracs (Barcelona Dragons).
  7. Thanks for the feedback! You're right about Pucelanos and Palmeros, but Mozárabes acutally is the name of the Christians who lived in the zones ocuppied by the Arabs, and I took Castellers from the "human castles" people make in Catalonia, not sure if it's also a bakery term. About Madrid, I was thinking of using Bears, given it appears on the city Coat of Arms, but people who live in Madrid is known as Cats, that's why I decided to use it.
  8. Hi everyone. This is a project I started few days ago, and I've decided to upload it here. I've been living in Spain for 13 years, but in fact I was born in Venezuela, where baseball is the most popular sport. My relatives are baseball fans, and I like it too. Unfortunately, it's not very popular here in Spain (there's a league, but it's not really known nor big), so I decided to create a fantasy baseball league based in Spain. I organized it in 4 divisions: Northern, Central, Mediterranean and Southern. You can see the divisions and the club locations in the following map: These are the temas from each division: · División Norte (Northern Division): o Marineros de A Coruña (A Coruña Mariners) o Sidreros de Oviedo (Oviedo Cider Makers) o Montañeses de Santander (Santander Highlanders) o Lobos de Bilbao (Bilbao Wolves) o Leones de Zaragoza (Zaragoza Lions) o Toros de Pamplona (Pamplona Bulls) · División Central (Central Division): o Gatos de Madrid (Madrid Cats) o Rebeldes de Móstoles (Móstoles Rebels) o Emperadores de Toledo (Toledo Emperors) o Romanos de Mérida (Mérida Romans) o Pucelanos de Valladolid (Valladolid Pucelle) o Morcilleros de Burgos (Burgos Blood Sausage Makers) · División Mediterránea (Mediterranean Division) o Barcelona Dracs (Barcelona Dragons) o Murciélagos de Valencia (Valencia Bats) o Castellers de Tarragona (Tarragona Castle Makers) o Turistas de Mallorca (Mallorca Tourists) o Palmeros de Elche (Elche Palm Makers) o Isleños de Menorca (Menorca Islanders) · División Sur (Southern Division): o Linces de Sevilla (Sevilla Lynxes) o Mozárabes de Córdoba (Córdoba Mozarabs) o Nazaríes de Granada (Granada Nasrids) o Boquerones de Málaga (Málaga Anchovies) o Corazones de Murcia (Murcia Hearts) o Chachos de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria Lads) Tell me what you think about my fantasy league idea and if you would be interested on seeing the uniforms.
  9. Hi! First of all, hello to everybody. This is my very first post. As a Paint user, I decided to upload the adidas 2016 soccer template I use for my designs. Hope it helps.