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  1. On 25/3/2018 at 9:56 PM, Zeus89725 said:

    Not a huge fan of the Rockies' current identity, but I don't like yours either. The font doesn't fit with their brand, and it just kinda falls flat.


    I've always found the Rockies one of the most difficult teams to tweak / improve. Any suggestion?


    On 26/3/2018 at 12:47 AM, coco1997 said:

    The Rockies look great! The new font is a big improvement over their bland current one, which is long overdue for a refresh. 


    Any chance we could see a Colorado flag-themed alt? 


    Thanks! I've not thought about doing it, but I could do one at the end of the series ;)

  2. With a new exciting Formula 1 season starting this weekend, I've created a template for MS Paint based on the 2018 cars which includes the new and (in)famous halo.


    This what I've done:




    And here's a livery example:




    What do you think? C&C is appreciated!


    If I see you like it, I will create a whole series redesigning the 10 liveries from the starting season.

  3. Thank you all for the feedback!

    On 18/3/2018 at 9:39 PM, Vintage Indy said:

    I love the teal jersey. I personally miss the old purple though. 


    I just didnt like the red and neon teal that they have/had going on. 


    Maybe they could do the purple and teal again. who knows. Keep it up though.


    I'd love to see the purple back, but honestly, I think they'll keep their current colour scheme, making it less messy, though. And since I wanted to be (more or less) realistic, I kept it.


    14 hours ago, itsmb8 said:

    Do you mind if I use some of these for my 2019 Under Armour project for the Out Of The Park Baseball game?


    Sure thing, go ahead! Would love to see the results ;)

  4. Thank you guys for the feedback! Time to start with the NL West, the first team are the Diamondbacks.


    While I wanted to keep their current logos and wordmarks (except for the "D-Backs" one), but changing their uniform style: the home and road unis are based on the team first alternate design. And for the alts I decided to use a Native American-inspired pattern on the front and back.

    I wanted to keep the current colours, but tweaking them a little bit, in order to make them close to those used for Navajo's fabrics. I also decided to get rid of the dark grey as road colour, using a sand-ish shade instead.







    Thanks to @Carolingian Steamroller @coco1997 and @Paul Lucas (who suggested the Southwestern theme for the alts) for giving me ideas and helping me with the designs!

  5. Let's continue with the Cardinals!

    The Redbirds have one of those few timeless looks in the Majors, but I find their current uniforms a bit bland, specially after having interesting designs throughout the years. That's why I decided to bring back the style they used from 1922 to 1938. Apart from that, I also returned to the Navy Blue caps for the roads, and changed the Sunday alt uniform, designing a new one which features the logo and script from the 20's.







  6. Since my beloved Mariners announced Ichiro is returning, I'm posting Seattle today.

    I decided to use "Emerald City", which is the city's main nickname. Using this as a main colour, I added brown, inspired by the famous coffee industry of coffee shops of the city, and off-white, to create a more balanced look. Also, I added the base of the Space Needle on the sleeves, using its top as cap crown.


  7. On 25/2/2018 at 7:33 PM, coco1997 said:



    One of the best Brew Crew concepts I've seen on this forum! This is pretty much exactly what I want them to do when they hopefully redesign in the near future. I always felt those '90s Germanic wordmarks and numbers were extremely underrated, and they look great in navy and gold and with simplified outlines. That home set is absolutely stunning. And great job @Carolingian Steamroller with the updated BiG logo. Cheers!


    On 26/2/2018 at 3:19 AM, Carolingian Steamroller said:

    Looks great! It's amazing how much switching to a single, thick outline clears up the mid-90's brewers script. Combined with the Pilots sleeves it really works. Double bonus for the shade of powder blue on the road!


    On 26/2/2018 at 3:22 AM, Carolingian Steamroller said:

    The numbers look great too.


    Thank you very much guys!


    On 26/2/2018 at 10:15 AM, Carolingian Steamroller said:

    Minor nitpick. Switch the stirrups from four gold stripes to three to match the three gold stripes on each sleeve.


    I wanted to keep the 4 stripes from the original uniform, but here's the 3 stripes version:



  8. After such a great turnaround for the Phillies, it's time for Cincinnati, another design inspired by the city flag. This time, I wanted to combine the flag's classy "C" with one of the club's older uniforms, so I decided to use the famous sleeveless jersey. Also, to top off the design, I decided to add the three waves from the flag on the socks.



  9. Another week, another team! Let's continue with the Brewers.


    Lots of changes for the Brew Crew:

    • I brought back the 1994/96 wordmarks and logo
    • The only cap logo I used is the classic MB Glove
    • Went for Off-White and Powder Blue as main uniform colours
    • Used the 1970 sleeve and sock trim, inspired the team's first design






    Credits to @Carolingian Steamroller for letting my use his amazing glove logo and special thanks to @coco1997 for giving me the idea of using the 90's scripts!

  10. On 20/2/2018 at 7:23 PM, marlins2017 said:

    Well done on all of these uniforms! I am a big baseball fan, and I would like for every team to use your designs in real life! For Cincinnati, I would like to see the wordmark that you used on the alt uniforms on the road uniform. Otherwise, it looks great! Also, I would like to see a black alt for the Marlins. I like the black uniform that they have now, and with more teal could be very nice.


    Keep up the great work!


    Thank you! regarding the Reds, I always prefer to use the city name on the main road uniform, that's why I left the "Reds" script for the alts. As for the Marlins, if I decide to make tweak posts at the end of the series, will add a black jersey for them ;)