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  1. From the Nats to the 2016 champions: the Chicago Cubs. The Cubbies have one of those iconic and probably timeless looks, but I've made a couple of tweaks to every unifor except for the home which remains the same. For the road I brought back the style and wordmark used during late 50's to mid 60's. I made the biggest changes for the alts: the home is inspired by the early club uniforms, featuring embossed subtle pinstripes and the C with the standing bear props to @coco1997 for suggesting the idea), while the other alt, which could be both home and away, uses the 1931/33 wordmark.
  2. From Maryland to Florida, time for the Magic City. At first, I didn’t know how to approach Miami. My initial idea was to use the Vice theme, but since the Heats already went for that path, I wanted to try something different. In the end, I went for a design inspired by the Art Deco District, using beige as main colour, and pastel hues of teal and pink. Also, I decided to add a subtle striped pattern based on the same architectural style.
  3. Solid work, keep it up! One of my fav is the '17 home, the full pinstripe style is great
  4. Thank you guys! I'm glad to be back What do you think?
  5. So, after almost 8 months, I'm able to continue with the series! Time to finish the NLE, time for the Nats. I wanted to change the Nationals' style, but keeping their current scripts and logos. The home uniform is inspired by the Senators uniform, but with red pinstripes instead of navy ones, based on the American flag, and bringing back the "Nationals" wordmark. The road uni remains almost the same, but gibing more importance to the white colour. While for the alts, I used the button-less tops, featuring the "DC" and "Washington" scripts.
  6. I've just finished a project with other members from the boards I'll try to continue this series from now.
  7. Hi! Thanks for asking. Due to personal issues and lack of time, I've not been able to continue the series. Fortunately, I want to finish it after my finals period, aroind the 20th of this month.
  8. When you told me your idea for this series, I knew it was going to be good... But man, it's better than what I imagined! Unique and stunning designs, Brewers are my fav for the moment.
  9. So, I'm having problems with my computer: in Madrid we're reaching 110ºF and the fans from my PC stop working from time to time, which makes it turn off suddenly. Even so, I'm still decided to finish the series, so here are the Phillies! I brought back the Burgundy / Light Blue scheme for the Phils. I decided to ditch the pinstripes from the home, and use only the "P" for the road, inspired by the first team uniforms.
  10. What do you think?
  11. I thought on adding some piping to the road, but it would clash with the racing stripes from the alt. Also, I think the melange alone looks better.
  12. Thanks for the feedback! I completeley forgot about the front numbers: I'd like to keep the collar from the home alt white, I've never been a fan of the blue collar on the original design. And, despite it'd match the rest of the uni better, I don't like the use of grey as main colour for the road alt script. Also, I think it pops up more being mainly orange.
  13. This week I started the final exams on the college, so I'll have less time to design. But show must go on! Time for the Mets. Only the home uniform remains the same. I decided to use the melange fabric for the road (as suggested by @coco1997), as well as the 1987 script. Both home and road alts feature racing stripe, in order to create a retro and cohesive look.
  14. Great start! Man, I'm in love with the Giants home kit. Given UA will be making the MLB kits from 2020, how about using it as brand? It'd be more realistic, since the also make soccer kits (and you could take some ideas from them).
  15. Great start with the DBacks and the Braves! Really unique concepts for both of them (and for the rest of teams, I'm sure) which contrast with the Majors current average look. I'd like to see a cap with the white front for the Braves home uniform.
  16. Let's bring them on! As I posted a couple a days ago, I've changed Marlins' colour scheme a bit, giving more importance to the Teal. The home uniform is inspired by the Florida Marlins designs, using just the "M" as script, like in the 2003/07 home alt uniform. For the road and alts I've placed the orange, white and teal to make the piping look like the Miami flag. While the road and alts uniform remain the same, I decided to use an edited version of the current BP logo for the caps and the home uni. Also, I decided to make a #42 from scratch.
  17. Thanks for the suggestion. For the moment I'll stick to the single stripe, but in the end of the series I may upload an alt version with the triple piping.
  18. I wanted to keep the road uniform feather, to make it look like on the home. And making both of them mainly red doesn't look really good to me.
  19. I actually wanted to use a single navy stripe as pants piping, given that's how the cuffs from the sleeves look like. How about keeping the waist piping from the current uniforms, but with a single stripe? As suggested by @Paul Lucas:
  20. How about this?
  21. Sorry for the delay guys, let's start the national League with the Braves! In the end I decided not use the lowecase A for the "Atlanta" script, given the cap logo is different from the wordmark A's, so it wouldn't look quite right. I decided to bring back the 1972/77 style, with the sleeve feathers and the lowercase A as cap logo, using cream instead of white for the home and home alt. The scripts remain the same, but I removed the Tomahawk.
  22. Interesting question. I was wearing a white Real Madrid shirt during the 2013/14 Champions League final (which I was watching at home). Atleti scored at the 35' or so and dominated almost the whole match. Well, at the 75', almost as a joke, I decided to change my shirt for the 2011/12 red shirt (in Spain red is supposed to be a good luck colour), then Sergio Ramos scored miraculously at the 93' and Real Madrid won the match in extras. Since then I wear that red shirt for every important Real Madrid match.
  23. When the Internet gets full of memes and :censored:posts related to this, it becomes annoying.
  24. Good job! I really like the Real Madrid design. The overall look has a 1997/98 final vibe, which I love.