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  1. Let's finish the American league with the Rangers! For the Lone Stars I wanted to keep the same style used in my Tweak Series, featuring a set inspired by the 1972 designs with new scripts. Also, i decided to keep the home alt uniform with red as main colour.
  2. Just from the MLB logos and the Orioles/Browns concepts I can tell this will be an amazing series!
  3. This is supposed to be the new Colo-Colo 3rd kit:
  4. What do you think? I like the Mariners in Blue/Yellow (I actually have the blue fauxback cap with the yellow S), but only for "special" designs.
  5. I've not commented here yet, but these has been a really solid series. I love the Marlins set and the Cardinals powder blue uni!
  6. I think it may depend on the screen you're watching. On my PC it seems "quite" light, but on my phone it looks darker. I'll keep the sahde for the moment. Thank you! I actually used a version of the Seattle flag I found at Imgur as sleeve patch. I can't find the original link, that's why I hasn't posted it. How about going for a full throwback? Something like what @SFGiants58 proposed for the Royals:
  7. Time for the Mariners! For the M's I wanted to design a retro-inspired set, that's why I brought back the 1977/80 M-Trident. Thanks to @raysox for letting me use his amazing wordmarks! Apart from the main four designs, I wanted to try a pinstriped uniform, to be used as Sunday alt.
  8. I love your approach for Atlanta. The use of references to their past looks is genius! That Wikipedia article has some really Brandiose-ish names: -Chicago Blue Bears -Colorado Toddlers -Motor City Kitties -Miami Fightin' Fish
  9. So we can confirm Barça will get a more PSG-ish kit than PSG themselves... #DumpNike BTW, here's the new Borussia M'Bach home kit:
  10. Thank you guys for the clarification!
  11. Really? I thought they've ditched it:
  12. I was playing MLB Perfect Inning Live and I got a doubt: do the Cardinals still use the Red/White on Navy monogram?
  13. Good series thus far. The Minnesota United home kit reminds me of the Real Madrid 2003/04 third kit, which I love, so good job!
  14. As you can see, at 1pm (GMT +1) there's a tie between the Dark Teal / Mint scheme and the Seattle flag scheme, so in the end I decide to go for the first one. I'll be giving the M's a retro look.
  15. I really like what you've done for the Padres! The use of Khaki instead of Yellow is really unique. Keep up the good work!
  16. Updated! Thanks! During the series I've not used sleeve patches on the alts, to keep their 70's-ish vibe. Given the current set only use the "Athletics" script for the home uniform, I think the team will eventually ditch it completely. Here's the home design without the front number: I think I could keep it on the sleeveless uniform, given it'd be a special design.
  17. Here you go: I think this would make a good alt uniform.
  18. The wait is over! For the A's I wanted to bring back their 70's-80's style, that's why I decided to use Kelly Green and the "A's" logo as home and alt scripts, keeping the current "Oakland" road script. The home and road uniforms feature the Green/Yellow/Green, inspired by the 1983 home uni, ditching the green placket trimming. Both home and road alts are "interchangeables", and the four designs feature yellow sanitaries. Also, I've used a modern version of the white elephant created by @SFGiants58 as sleeve patch.
  19. I love the theme chosen for the Almirantes, good job! Just a little mistake: it's "Dominadores" Looking forward to see Los Petroleros del Caracas!
  20. Before starting with the A's, I'd like to settle which colours I'll be using for the Mariners. These are the options: 1. Dark Teal / Mint scheme, proposed by @SFGiants58 2. Seahwaks scheme 3. Cascadia Scheme 4. Seattle flag scheme, proposed by @Paul Lucas You can vote here!
  21. I think other than the current scripts would look too complex with the new gradient. About the star, I've already tried the current star design with the gradient: and I wanted to try something different. Suggested by @Paul Lucas, here's a subtle version of the road alt:
  22. Because the Moonrise gradient doesn't look fine on Navy Thank you! The gradient is always the same. About the star, in order to match its shape on the scripts, I decided to make its left end squared.
  23. Let's bring 'em on! I think the Astros have one of the best colour schemes on the Majors, but their current identity is a bit bland. That's why I decided to introduce a orange gradient (inspired by the Tequila Sunrise of course) to the current wordmarks and sleeve patch, replacing the current star with the H for the 2000/12 star. I decided to keep the gradient subtle on the home, road and home alt; this subtle gradient would be embossed, something like the pinstripes from this kit; while going for full colour on the road alt. Also, for the home alt, I decided to use a "Moonrise" gradient instead of the Sunrise for the home alt, in order to make it stand out more.
  24. You may want to check this out, it's from 1900:
  25. SC Kansas City will be using this retro training top on May 17th before the match against the Sounders: