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  1. I like what you did with Bethune. Really interested to see what you do with the HBCUs
  2. Blasphemy! I think the Marlins logo gets a lil too much hate as well. It fits Miami.
  3. Uggh... I was hoping for all black too. And the Saints 50th logo is ok. Nothing special.
  4. You have some very clean designs. Nice work!
  5. Great start. I bet your designs will be the best sets the HBCU's have ever had.
  6. It doesn't look good. Flipping the bridge and moving the letters inside isn't much at all. It actually looks a little sloppy.
  7. Nice work! Some of these look better than NFL uniforms. These translate really nicely.
  8. https://jsportsblogger.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/forever-the-aints.jpg Saints
  9. Good work! The Bucs look so much better in orange.
  10. That's how the Hawks should look. Good thread so far.
  11. Man these are dope! You have to do the whole league with alternates and throwbacks lol!
  12. That Saints set with the white pants is awesome. You've got some good stuff.