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  1. It's hard to be a hockey fan when the major professional league in the US loses an entire season to a lockout, disappears from the American sports scene, and then reappears exclusively on a upstart cable network that Comcast uses to lockout dish users. Hockey = Professional Cycling - Lance Armstrong.
  2. If I'm David Stern, the best is the one that sells the most.
  3. And what's wrong with sports marketing? Nike and their fiercest sports apparel competitor (Under Armour) were on exhibit last night. Both were on that field last night battling for recognition and market share. Apparently from the complaints here, Nike won. In my estimation, that Nike swoosh logo is no more or no less of a valuable and relevant sports logo than the interlocking NY Yankees logo, the Cowboys star logo, or any other identifiable trademark. All of them are equally important to selling stuff.
  4. Personally, I think all of them are average at best. The cleanest look mirrors the New England Patriots current look, and the rest don't really leave any lasting impression.
  5. I guess I am the only one who thinks the Padres utilization of this "sand" color is the end of civilization. I heard Dickies is set to become the next supplier of MLB uniforms. I did want the Padres to adopt a maroon color, though.
  6. I know I am in the minority on this, but I think an NFL replica jersey for $75 is absurd. The material is cheap, the numbers are printed on, and the jersey cuts are horrendous. I will never buy one. I would much rather buy a $10 tshirt instead. Also, since the NFL authentics have gone to hell in a handbasket when Reebok became the exclusive provider, I am not too much into buying authentic NFL jerseys anymore either.
  7. First it was the new Matrix movie, now the Padres new identity. Both suck hard. I guess its an all around disappointing week for me.
  8. I am still trying to reconcile the fact that the old logo is being placed on the seats at the new PetCo Park. I like the old logo more, but I can live with the minimal changes they have added.
  9. Since this is America and those alternate Mavs jerseys will "never be seen again", they will now become the most demanded jerseys in the history of the Mavericks as fan convince themselves "they weren't that bad." For now though, they still suck about as bad as those Mavericks football jerseys Cuban wears.
  10. Well, you can't say Mark Cuban doesn't listen to the fans. Of 300 emails he got on the new jerseys, only 3 were "positive." So it's not official, but it is unlikely the Mavs will sport these again. Personally, I don't mind the alternate. I think he would be better off redoing these in a different color if league merchandising rules permit. Otherwise, nice try buddy.
  11. That "slightly modified" interlocking SD logo just looks like the old one in a different color.
  12. Those look horrible. I will reserve final judgement until I see them on the field, but right now, "UGH." I guess this means the Cowboys will be in Navy jerseys. Rack up a loss for the 'boys.
  13. So it appears that they are emphasizing the heck out of the khaki and brown, and using the best color, light blue, simply as a highlighting color (as the Seahawks use their green). All khaki uniforms? Yeesh.....
  14. They modeled these at the Saks 5th Ave. in the Galleria a couple of nights ago. They looked really sharp. At first, I was very much against the alternates, but then I saw these and wish they would use them instead of the navy blue ones. They are going to look even better on gameday with white pants. Here is a pretty high resolution photo of them in the red jerseys. I hope you have DSL or Cable.