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  1. Really digging the Colorado unis... That secondary jersey is high quality, and the clash is brilliant
  2. Really? No one has replied on this for a month, and the poster hasn't posted since July - C'MON MAN!
  3. Like the logos so far... But one thing that doesn't make sense: Why is San Antonio in the Imperial (in my mind, Pacific) conference, and Denver in the Heartland (Central)? Denver is farther West than San Antonio, and would be good natural rivals with the Idaho team if they're in the same conference.
  4. Never call it "San Fran". No local would ever attend a game of a team that calls its hometown "San Fran" It's San Francisco. Not that hard to say.
  5. That Sharks concept...... I can die now. That is sheer perfection. High quality sir.
  6. Yeah, the Bengals isnt't working 100% for me. I do like the Panthers kit, but their road kit needs a little more teal on the back. Maybe the cuff?
  7. This is great stuff. Reminds me of my buddies stuff that he used to draw in my elementary school. Keep it going.
  8. Alright, these are TOOOOOOOO amazing. I'm gonna test your creativity and request the Sharks and the Coyotes next
  9. Damn these 3 sets look great when they are all together with the alts. I love the Firebird 3rd jersey, as the bird really shines at the bottom. New Hampshire is stunning, and a perfect 3rd. Maryland is about exactly what I imagined it would be, and with that alternate, it pretty much is better than anything that the Terrapins could do.
  10. Gotta say, the Fleet's alt is one of my favorites. The fact that it is so simple is something you'd rarely expect in an alt, but I like it a lot
  11. Oh I can't wait. You take your time GP. As my buddies like to say, You Earned It!
  12. Hey, the Mets don't have Athletics as their NOB! WE NEED THIS FIXED IMMEDIATELY!!!!
  13. Please post a new jersey so we can continue this! I know you must be worn thin, but we are greedy
  14. Kind of shocked you don't have any teams in the SF Bay Area, yet you put a team in Green Bay.
  15. 49ers! Feel free to be creative!!
  16. That Padres jersey is MAJESTIC!!! You blew me out of the water with that! WOW! WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! Great work.
  17. Cleveland looks super sweet, and I'm so happy you said you're gonna do the Padres scheme I requested! I have a feeling it's gonna look great already.
  18. I would love to see the Padres, but I have a question. Since the Padres are so bland now, do you think you could possibly use their old designs for this team? Go with the mustard yellow and brown, and I swear, the city of San Diego will love you forever
  19. It works now and WOW!!!! That, right there, is something that we like to say is a B-E-A-UUUUUUU-tiful uniform!
  20. As a close observer, I must say, if you truly get all 128 done, then we will ALL bow to you. I'm impressed so far, and am truly hopeful you get this done!
  21. For some reason the template isn't loading below the helmet. Only get to see the helmet. But speaking of that, that helmet is GORGEOUS! Fantastic stuff with the gold crown, and the very subtle gradient. I love it!