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  1. Next concept up is the Memphis Monarchs. The Monarchs draw their inspiration from not only from local legend The King, Elvis Presley, but also, as the city at the center of the Civil Rights movement, they honor one of the great Negro League teams, the Kansas City Monarchs. As the Memphis team from the Negro Leagues was called the Memphis Red Sox, they had to honor the past with another name, and the dual meaning for Monarchs fit pretty well. The Memphis Monarchs are awarded an expansion franchise for the 2042 season, and begin play in the NL Central with the Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, and Milwaukee Brewers.
  2. After Charlotte, Portland is the largest city in the United States without a Major League Baseball team. With Charlotte being awarded an expansion team in 2020, it made sense that Portland secured the rights to its own team in the second round of expansion this century. Portland's team name is inspired by both the Cascade Mountains, which nearby Mt. Hood is a prominent part of, and also Cascade hops, grown for brewing beer in the Portland region. The team logo features the outline of the Mt. Hood peak with some hops overlayed on top. The Portland Cascades join the Seattle Mariners, Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Angels, and Colorado Rockies in the American League West.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. As for New York, I'm thinking by 2042, NY would be more than big enough to support a third team. It is now, probably. As for this team, I'm thinking a bit north of the city, which is why I chose Generals (proximity to West Point).
  4. At some point in the future, MLB is going to expand again. We're coming upon the longest stretch since 1950 for no expansion in baseball, but there doesn't seem to be any rumblings about it. I think there will be at least one round of expansion to get the league to 32 at some point, and a change to 4 divisions/4 teams per division in each league. I will be working on the concepts over time, but here is my plan for expansion to 40 teams over the next 35+ years - 2020 - Charlotte Aviators and Oklahoma City Comets 2028 - Montreal Expos and Portland Cascades 2036 - Louisville Stallions and Salt Lake City Hornets 2042 - Memphis Monarchs and New York Generals 2050 - Havana Lions and New Mexico Dukes I'm not going to be posting these in chronological order, just as I get them completed. I have ideas for a bunch of them already, but only one completely done. The first one I have to put up - Havana Lions (2050) - In the time period between 2013 and 2040, communist Cuba has fallen and given way to a new democratic government, and has flourished in the short time period between 2040 and 2048. Havana was awarded an expansion team to begin play in 2050, as part of the NL South along with the Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Marlins, and Charlotte Aviators. The Lions draw from Cuban baseball history, with their colors and uniforms obviously inspired by the Cuban National Team. The team name, logo, and old english wordmark are inspired by the top team historically in the Cuba Nacional Series, the Havana Industriales (they have a lion as part of their logo).
  5. Not that they would need a 'clash' helmet for this purpose, but the Browns should have an alternate Brown helmet. I'd like to see the Vikings helmet with the purple and white switched. If the Lions are going to keep black in their uni, I think a black helmet might work for them.
  6. Have to say, this Beavers logo is probably my favorite logo concept on this site, whether its an update/re-designed current logo or a completely new/expansion team logo. It looks like it could be a logo that has been around and everybody instantly recognizes. Great work. Though I too would like to see Brown and Green together, think that would be interesting.
  7. I like the idea that gives you the "P" logo. Use the 5 lines to come up and around a basketball to form a P. Maybe even use gradient from grey to red or something, to get the colors, or just have the P be red, the basketball black and basketball's lines grey.
  8. 1. Portland Trail Blazers What a wonderful name for a team, even if it wasn't close to the most popular choice in the "name the team" contest Portland held upon the birth of the franchise as part of the NBA's 1970 expansion. Fans overwhelmingly voted for "Pioneers," which evokes the settlement of the region, the Oregon Trail, and the brave struggles of those who staked early claim to the land. But a local college, Lewis & Clark, was already using "Pioneers," and the new Portland franchise was aiming for something both original and without potential intellectual property baggage. They settled upon "Trail Blazers," a suggestion nearly 200 fans sent in during the contest, and, holy cow, did they make the right call. The name serves as a historical callback in the fashion of "Pioneers," but it's unique within the major sports landscape, it's fun to say, it carries an easy shorthand in "Blazers," and it recalls basketball and sports more readily than "Pioneers." "Blazers" implies speed, perfect for a fast sport, and the full name pegs the franchise as one seeking both stylistic originality on the court and a trailblazing impact (along with the Seattle SuperSonics, founded three years earlier) in spreading NBA hoops to a new region. The 1977 title team famously played with a progressive unselfishness, using big man Bill Walton as its passing fulcrum, and the use of a "Knickerbocker"-style collective term works especially well for this franchise. The Blazers were long the only major pro sport in town, and there is a unique closeness here among fans, players, and team. The Trail Blazers name also inspired the team's pinwheel logo, one of the rare abstract logos in all of sports. The red and white stripes (five of each) blazing in opposite directions, but coming together at the center, are meant to represent the blur of two opposing basketball teams working against each other while moving back and forth across center court. That's beautiful. The full name is a bit of a mouthful, and the team's choice of mascot — Blaze the Trail Cat — is a clunky fit. But everything else is poetic. Portland wins. I'm still not a fan of the varying sizes/widths of the 'trails'. Also, the basketball seem out of place/just stuck on, and not really a "part" of the logo - maybe it is the white lines on the ball. Sorry, but to me the Trailblazers logo is one that does not need to be re-done or updated.
  9. Really like #14, and after I voted I noticed you did the additional logos in those colors too. I think that is a pretty good color mix that they can do some nice things with. Go with the white homes of course, can use the light blue on the aways, and can have an alternate brown jersey.
  10. Nice work, though I prefer the current design to it, myself. I'm not sure the differing sizes (widths) of 'trails' works to well on this logo, just seems a bit off to me.
  11. Okay, so I took some of your suggestions and tried to do a blend skyline... everyone but Creighton (Omaha) and Seton Hall (East Orange NJ) included. The Brooklyn Bridge is very similar to the Roebling Bridge in Cincinnati, both designed by Roebling. The Rocky Statue does stick out a bit, but not sure that something like Independence Hall would be as identifiable (though I guess Providence and Indianapolis buildings aren't either). I'm not as big of a fan of it as I was the previous one I did with just NYC skyline. Anyway, he it is -
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys. Butler without the blue circle -
  13. Up next is the Butler Bulldogs... one of the newest members of the Big East, just two short seasons ago they were in the Horizon League and heading to their second straight NCAA Championship Game.
  14. Just finished off the latest uniform... DePaul Blue Demons... that leaves just two teams left, Marquette and Butler. Not sure which way I'm going to go there, I really like Marquette's current uniforms, and Butler is pretty classic albeit plain. Anyway, here is DePaul -
  15. They'd have to wear their white for pretty much all away games. Home teams usually wear dark jerseys, and that leaves the white jersey for the road team. In your home scenario, they'd wear their white jerseys 10 times in 12 games (2/3 of home games would be 4 home games, plus the 6 road games). It would likely be - black 2 home games, gold 2 home games, green 2 homes games or something like that.