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  1. You mirrored the helmet, the UCF is backwards on the one side view. edit: same issue with Central Michigan
  2. I like them, don’t worry about toning them down to much, they’re concepts, be creative.
  3. The interlocking “ND” logo on the left sleeve would not be a mirror image, the way you have it, it wouldn’t read as “ND”.
  4. mvk

    Omaha NFL Team

    I’d go with Omaha Express and maybe put a little red in there to match up with Union Pacific blue, red, yellow, and gray.
  5. start at top of the polls and work your way down.
  6. mvk

    Any help

    Keep the basketball with the Coliseum inside of it on the left, surrounded by a red roundel with Virtus Roma script inside of the roundel.
  7. It’s a top five uniform set in all of football. Thinking they have to match just because all other teams do is just out there. And do you honestly think fans don’t realize there’s different colors used between the white jersey set and the blue jersey set? I think you’re way off base there, and most are more than okay with it - they’d be pretty upset if changed just because some people think they have to be only 2 colors.
  8. I didn’t say it was just your opinion. I think changing what the Cowboys have worn for 50+ years just to homogenize Navy and Silver is silly. Especially considering those are the worse of the set of colors they wear. And why do the uniform colors have to match? The Cowboys are consistently near the top in sports merchandise, let alone just NFL, so obviously it’s not hurting them in any way, shape, or form.
  9. I’m not sure why anyone would want to change the iconic uniforms of the Cowboys. Their uniform quirk is the best in sports. Especially not for more Silver and Navy.
  10. Yes I know what hurricane flags are. But if you look at it and didn’t know, you would think it is a stylized B. I think the hurricane storm logo is a lot better. It’s a good job as a concept though.
  11. In my opinion, this looks too much like a “B” to be a primary logo, seems like it would cause confusion.
  12. Much better, has the old school logo vibe but updated/modern.
  13. Nice use of font and colors but there’s just gotta be something else there to make it a NBA ready logo, in my opinion.
  14. Not a Cowboys fan but I think the mismatched color is one of the best uniform quirks in sports. Changing everything up to match the Navy/Silver scheme would be extremely boring and detrimental to the identity.
  15. Definitely need to change up the font on the red jersey. Maybe a cream block font or something. Otherwise looks good.