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  1. Those blue Kings uniforms are great. Not a big fan of the purple. Very nice rebrand, big improvement for them.
  2. Not sure if I agree with that, I think going back to basics in this day and age is using imagination. Nothing wrong with using classic stripes and patterns to present a clean design.
  3. Really like the Supersonics logo, even if the green is a bit muted. I think a darker, richer green would help it out a bit. Not really feeling Hammers or Ironman, I think Vulcans would be a pretty good name though, and the imagery would be similar.
  4. Those uniforms are great, not a fan of the logo though.
  5. Decent logo but maybe too generic. Possibly can be improved by putting the basketball lines on the business end of the hammer.
  6. How about for the Wranglers maybe do something with a branding iron, but that may be too close to Arizona Wranglers.
  7. Along the rivers apparently. I’m not an expert but have looked into it a bit when thinking of team names.
  8. Make the hat pink, and where there is pink in the M and Marlin, make that black.
  9. I think it looks better than what they currently have, but I’m just not a fan of the thicker blue stripe they use. They just need to go back to the Sanders era striping on the pants and helmet, and figure out the sleeves for the newer cut.
  10. What would it look like if you swapped black and pink on the hat?
  11. How would it look with a cardinal red helmet?
  12. Definitely have to go with Quebec. Probably Halifax next in line. Third will be tough... London (Ontario)? Thunder Bay Superiors? USA - Are you thinking non-NFL or would you go for big markets to capture NFL offseason? Especially with no XFL now. Non-NFL - Portland, Salt Lake City or Boise, Milwaukee or St. Louis, Hartford NFL - Seattle, Minnesota, Chicago, New York
  13. Their mascot is a bullmastiff, if you’re going to add a dog logo, probably should use that as inspiration.
  14. Nashville Ospreys a play on words with the Grand Old Opry and also the Osprey is a common bird in Tennessee
  15. It looks a little like a teal banana that is partially peeled. I think with some refinement of the shape, it’d be a very good logo.
  16. I think it looks much better with the white, and going with a third red jersey would give it a throwback sort of feel.
  17. It’s unfortunate that they share the same city/stadium with the Rams because that is such a great look. Much better than the powder blue, in my opinion.
  18. That third jersey is beautiful. That’s the look they should go with. Though I would prefer the matching Royal helmet from that era.
  19. I don’t understand the whole “flipped upside down” part. Why would the lightning bolts be flipped upside down? what would gold pants look like with this, like the early 80’s Fouts era?
  20. I think the G-Men helmets should just feature the badge from the primary. Would be a nice clean look. The Explorers are A+ Not for nothing, but I like the secondary for San Diego and Orlando more than the primary. Good work.
  21. mvk

    NFL Re-Design by NH4

    Not a fans of the wavy stripes but a nice concept.
  22. That is only if you look at city proper. If you take the entire market size (city + surrounding areas), Columbus is pretty far down the list in 1990. Twin Cities 2.538M Cleveland 2.859M Cincinnati 1.817M Pittsburgh 2.394M Columbus 1.345M Milwaukee 1.607M Kansas City 1.582M I don’t think that would necessarily stop them from going to Columbus, because the competition there wouldn’t be as fierce, but they would definitely be the smallest market for a team out of those listed. Similar markets in 1990: Buffalo 1.189M Charlotte 1.161M Hartford 1.157M Indianapolis 1.380M New Orleans 1.285M Norfolk 1.444M Orlando 1.224M Sacramento 1.506M San Antonio 1.324M Baltimore 2.382M (no Colts/Ravens)
  23. I think Milwaukee would be a good option. Wouldn’t mind Columbus but the Ohio Glory were started in 1992. Maybe in this timeline, Columbus gets an AAFL team instead.
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