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    NFL Re-Design by NH4

    Gotta be honest, the 49ers logo looks good standalone without the black, but doesnt quite look right on the helmet without it.
  2. I think this look is fantastic and made for HD and Ultra HD television. Really pops. I would make the red on the pants stripes a little thicker, and put a red-orange-red stripe on the helmet.
  3. Feel like the rainbow gets totally lost, especially on the blue. Not sure if anything can be done about it though. Nice set.
  4. I like the single black stripe on the Raiders primary pants, not sure if it needs any white in it.
  5. The Vipers official logo is the V with fangs. The side view wildcat with the lines and the mouth open looks very similar to the Guardians logo. Again, in a 24+ team league it wouldn’t be a huge deal but branding in a 8 team league should be unique. On its own, it’s a well crafted logo, for sure.
  6. The two side facing are nice but look too much like the NY Guardians logo. Wouldn’t be as much of an issue if it wasn’t just an 8 team league at this point, but can’t have 2 of 8 being that similar, in my opinion.
  7. The logo is definitely the direction they need to go. The flag is not needed for this to be a good logo. Not a big fan of all the teeth, That’s pretty much all I can focus on. I’d just take the current skull and swords and ditch the flag. Would also add in some red to the uniforms, think it would tie both of the eras together well.
  8. I think you hit it out of the park with the new logos and uniforms. Very good job.
  9. I think 1 is best for the main logo as it ties to the Vegas logo the best, while still having the H represent the team. 3 would work pretty good as a secondary logo for them too.
  10. Not a fan of taking the white out of the sleeve stripes for the Steelers. Also, always liked that Dallas had different shades of blue and silver for home/away.
  11. Don’t think the bottom bump out is needed, but I would think they’d find a way to include the frieze in any Yankee Stadium logo.
  12. I really like the gray, definitely keep it.
  13. Usually not a fan of football pants without stripes but I think it works really well here. It’s a nice sleek set that stays true to the Falcons brand.
  14. mvk

    Fix the Bucs

    White helmet with the skull & swords only - no flag. Would be good. Then they can use the creamsicles and not look out of place, and even slap the throwback logo on the side for those games.
  15. It’s a really nice logo but I wouldn’t put it on the helmet. The helmet (And colors) is really the only thing iconic about that franchise. Putting a logo on the helmet would be overthinking things.
  16. Cougars logo looks way too small on that map, maybe enlarge it for the next map update.
  17. mvk

    NFL Re-Design by NH4

    I think that looks much better with the pant stripes, and I think the old school green looks good, though maybe a shade darker/greener would work. The silver pants look better, as does the regular helmet (top pic).
  18. The river shouldn’t flow from the mouth, it should form the bottom left of the C like in your original mock-up.
  19. His hands are placed on the bat incorrectly. His left hand should be on the bottom.
  20. I think the old “LA” logo with the palm tree was better.
  21. That’s a pretty good logo. Don’t see too many elephant logos in that profile view with trunk up. Understand your thoughts on the cheek, perhaps the ear needs enlarged and extends down towards that a bit. Doesn’t look off as is though.
  22. This is a great thread with some great concepts - amongst the best I’ve seen in an entire concept league. My only gripe would be the overuse of the fleur-de-lis... I think you have that in the logo of three teams - Quebec, St. Louis, and New Orleans.
  23. That’s a fantastic uniform set. Simple, sleek design with the subtle angles that doesn’t overdo it.
  24. Are there going to be any original team names or are they all going to rehash former teams or current minor league teams? I know the Barons logo is what the current Cleveland Barons youth/cup organization uses, but nothing about that looks like a NHL logo.
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