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  1. Honestly, I think the logo with the green stripe looks a lot better on the blue helmet. Seems to pop a bit more.
  2. Others: Carolina Aviators (Patrick) Vegas Knights (Smythe) Hamilton Maulers (Adams) Virginia Neptunes (Patrick) Saskatoon Wild (Norris) Cleveland Guardians (Adams) Salt Lake City Pioneers (Smythe) Oklahoma City Barons (Norris)
  3. Round Two: San Diego Admirals (Smythe) Orlando Dragons (Patrick) Round three: Milwaukee Lakers (Norris) Nashville Ospreys (Adams)
  4. Round One: Colorado Avalanche (Smythe) Seattle Sockeyes (Smythe) Kansas City Spirit (Norris) Indianapolis Checkers (Adams)
  5. mvk

    NFL Re-Design by NH4

    I think the pants would look so much better with the stripes. To be honest, if you wanted to eliminate stripes, I’d eliminate the arm stripes. Thought the Randall Cunningham era uniforms were better than the Ron Jaworski era ones. Good job bringing back the Kelly Green and Silver though. Nice update on the logo too.
  6. Smythe- Seattle, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Denver, move Winnipeg to Norris Norris - Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Saskatoon, move Winnipeg to Norris, move Tampa to Patrick Adams - Hamilton, Cleveland, Nashville, Indianapolis Patrick - Hampton Roads, Orlando, Charlotte, move Tampa to Patrick
  7. Also, on top of giving the Buffalo some texture up top, I think it would look great without the saloon doors. Just the Buffalo head with the western font below. Even if it extends out far, I think the font and entire word mark works.
  8. It looks to me like the Buffalo is bald, seems like there should be more of a texture up top to represent the mane/fur/hair (whatever it’s called on a Buffalo).
  9. How would it look with cream instead of white to go full on “Peaches & Cream”?
  10. The triangle is used as a reference to The Golden Triangle, a nickname for Pittsburgh’s downtown... which is sort of a triangle due to where the three rivers meet. Thats a nice concept though.
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