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  1. I'm with you, but I guess people just like seeing uniformity.
  2. Portugal look fantastic in green shorts. First time since 2004.
  3. I think in a vacuum these look very nice, but I enjoyed seeing Atlanta with a modern look. It kinda reminds me of the Astros, where their jerseys are nice, but there's a lot more potential with what that franchise has done in the past.
  4. I'd say Nike has hit a home run with this kit. Will be remembered for a long time coming.
  5. Can you do templates on PS4 or does it have to be PC?
  6. Raptors striping looks hideous. Huge fail by Nike.
  7. A HUGEEEE difference when the adidas 3 stripes are removed (or hidden in this instance). Big big win for Adidas.
  8. A lot of NBA number fonts translate real well into Football fonts.
  9. For the Raptors sleeves, it would be cool if you used the upward delta pattern that they have on the side panels.
  10. Great concept! Would be better if the Ravens had purple as the main colour. Btw, ignore the wannabe mod up above who's throwing shade at your work.
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