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  1. BillMan

    Nike NHL

    Hoping very much nike does NOT get to make uniforms for the NHL. Bauer has more Hockey tradition that the oblivious upstarts at nike. Did anyone see any nike Hockey gear in the 80's. Of course not. Bauer goes waaaaay back. I didn't see Bobby Orr with those fairy princess looking white nike skates on !
  2. Biggest mistake: using a nike template. Nobody likes the "faux laces". No one on nike's design team has the capacity to design a good looking jersey for ANY sport. Also, Canadians want jerseys that are MADE IN CANADA! At least use a template that resembles a Hockey jersey, buddy. I know your intentions are good, but C'MON!
  3. to anyone who uses an android, I recommend ScribMaster, a great drawing app from google play.
  4. Very simple solution: Main color: Brown Trim color: Gold (either metallic or yellow-gold) No Pinstripes! No Roundel logo The logo should be the swinging friar with "Padres" above. SD on cap should be gold. Shoes: Black or Brown No "Taco" uniforms! SD logo on left chest of road Gray jersey Swinging Friar logo on left sleeve of all jerseys! There, problem solved! Play Ball!