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  1. It highly irks me that the NFL puts the logo so damn close to the wordmark!! My Eagles endzone looked STUPID in the SB versus the Pats a couple of years back. WHY, NFL, WHY??? Why the boring, plain, uninspired designs over the past X years. Makes me...
  2. I guess we agree to disagree. As I think the yellow from LSU would have been nice looking within the black end zones. But then we agree on the fact that the Superdome seems to HATE painted end zones. They seem to never have them painted in. Laziness, I guess.
  3. Ahhh that's right, NFL10. I totally forgot about that uni nugget back when they didn't have any green jerseys to wear. LOL. How ridiculous is that!! Good info, thank you.
  4. When Andy Reid was coaching the Iggles, he had them wear white jerseys a lot at home during the early September/October games and then would switch to the green ones later in the season. I can't remember what they did under Chip Kelly. I feel like it was green at home most of the time. Then Doug Pederson always had them in green jerseys at home. As an Iggle fan, I always like to see them switch it up. Sometimes wear the green, sometimes the white. One uni combo I would like to see is the green jersey with the green pants. Just once a year would be cool.
  5. Ahhhhh I love the black endzones!! Was pissed that last year they were not painted.
  6. A mighty gorgeous field right there. Wow, have the times/fields changed......for the worse!! SB fields suck now in comparison to that field. The NFL has gotten so damn lazy.
  7. Loving the Bills/Colts uni matchup. A positive - for painted endzone nerds like me - is that one boring blue team is eliminated from this game. Rams/Seahawks game too.
  8. Titans vs. Texans......horrible. Jags look goooooood. Good matchup with the Colts classic look. Chiefs vs. Chargers.....WOW. Beautiful. Same for Bears vs. Pack.
  9. The Orange Bowl field looks pretty good. Feels like an actual Bowl game. T A&M, you don't have maroon/non-white pants??? Or colored socks??
  10. I have rarely ever said this....Oregon looks good. Nothing says Iowa State more than all black unis.
  11. Some of these Bowl Games are just straight up going low budget. LOL. Slap the sponsers logo at mid-field. Maybe put something in the endzones. Call it a day. And I totally understand why.
  12. Utah looks great. Minnesota/Nebraska, I am liking. Gophers in yellow/white/yellow.
  13. The Stillers black pants would look pretty good if the huge one yellow stripe was broken up into a thinner yellow one with a thin white one. Wouldn't mind seeing my Iggles in white jerseys with the black pants once a year or so.
  14. Maryland looks decent. Indiana, not so decent.
  15. Three games popped to me: UNC/ND, Iowa/Nebraska, Cal/Stanford. Really nice looking matchups.
  16. The Sun logo is pretty cool for the AZ Cards.
  17. Obviously in the minority with this, but IMO Oregon looks like crap. They are just so far off with their unis. Brutally ugly. Miss State vs. Georgia looks good. Darn good.
  18. Tennessee.....Orange pants once in awhile, yes?
  19. Purple socks, Northwestern. Please.
  20. Dolphins/Chargers.......OMFG. Might be one of the most gorgeous uni matchups in a LOOOONG time. Orgasmic!